Celebration .a Way to Express Wanna be Happy?

We all are very busy with our daily schedule, lots of work & responsibilities. But we are human being so we need a break to come out from our daily monotonous life. Celebration is such an occasion where we can freely spend some happy moment with lots of happiness. It is not like that the celebration should be happened only for some festival it may be occurred for marriage purpose, success purpose etc.

Celebration reduces distance between two unknown hearts; celebration gives the new color to the old relationship, celebration heals the deep sour.

There are many forms of celebration but it changes religion to religion ,country to country ,but the basic color of celebration, and the basic taste is remain same.

May be Bengalis celebrate Durgapuja with sari dhoti and kurta and lots of RASGULLA, may be Christians celebrate Jesus birthday on 25th December with lots of flavored cake and Punjabis celebrate Lori on December dancing typical Punjabi style that is Bhnagra But the all flavor of celebration is same.

Every celebration may not be shared with chocolate celebration for those children basically living on the road side but their typical form of celebration make their celebration really very special so never compare any celebration with money because it comes from heart , that is priceless the article is an original piece

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