iPhone Apps and Music: How the Two Worlds Have Perfectly Collided

One of the major features of the iPhone is its ability to store and play your music library, just like an iPod would. For those of you who don't like spending the $.99 (or more) for each song you buy on iTunes, there are a plethora of music applications that should satiate your starving earbuds. Just by browsing the the iPhone Apps store, you can find these applications to play music without having to buy it.

Here are some iPhone App Reviews that will hopefully be helpful in your quest for the perfect music application.


With Pandora, you choose what kind of music you like, and the application makes a radio station that matches your favorite genres and artists. Unfortunately, there is a skip limit (you can't skip more than a certain amount of songs that you don't like), but it displays album art and allows you to "like" or "dislike" a song with a thumbs up or thumbs down, respectively.

Also a radio-like application that suggests songs, artists, and albums that you might like, the application lets you choose songs to play at a later time and add them to your queue. The is one of the most dynamic and in-depth music applications the iPhone app store offers.


Slacker acts similarly to Pandora, with the "Heart" and "Ban" buttons for you to tailor your music selection more specifically. This interface is sleek, simple, and extremely easy-to-use displaying album thumbnails, with a few buttons at the bottom. Fast, great-quality music what more could you want?


The most outstanding feature of imeem is that it taps into your existing music library and uses that information to recommend similar artists and songs that you might like. Other than that, the program is very similar to Pandora and the

Iheart radio

Iheart radio streams music from actual radio stations in the metropolitan area with less commercials and better sound quality than more FM radios. If you want to hear the most popular songs playing on the radio some usually lost from listening solely to your own iPod selections go back to the time before iPods and tune into the Top 40 of today.


Ever ask yourself "What song is this?" when you miss the intro on the radio? Well Shazam should help you fix this problem. By holding your phone up to the source of the music and "tagging" the song, Shazam accurately tells you who sings the song, the title, the album artwork, and gives you links to share or even buy the song.

More iPhone Game Reviews like these will expand your knowledge base and give you some great options for how to improve your music listening techniques.

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8 outstanding things you can do using your iPhone

Your iPhone is an amazing gadget that can be modified to do things that it is not actually built for. Even after the release of the unofficial hacks and tricks, there are dozens coming out weekly, making iPhone a complete smart phone for its users. Here is a compilation of some of the best hacks for your iPhone.

1. Build a Solar-powered iPhone Charger IPhone hacks have not even spared the charging of the iPhone. With the help of some equipment, you can create a solar powered charger for your iPhone. This can save energy in one case and it can also help you charge when you don't have any electricity access. There is a lot you can do with your iPhone.

2. Wireless Music Remote Music has now become one of the most essential part of fun. What could be better than the fact that you can turn your iPhone into a wireless music remote? With just a router, iPhone and a little step-by-step guide you can make your iPhone work as a Wireless Music Remote.

3. Using iPhone as a Wireless Router for your Laptop Internet access wireless can be made available on your iPhone. Your iPhone is a box of magical tricks and turning it into a wireless router can make your life easy and obviously wireless. You can easily connect the iPhone with your internet to make the wireless internet around your home available at your laptop.

4. Home Automation Using the iPhone and X10 Have you imagined automating your home with a device in your palms? IPhone has given this thought a chance to become reality. With the help of the step-by-step guidance, you can convert your iPhone, using X10, into a Home automation device.

5. RC Car Controlled Via the Web Remote controllable items were thought to be controlled only via remote in the limited area but iPhone has changed this thinking as well by allowing you to control your RC Car connecting via internet through your iPhone. The RC Car can be controlled even from a distance of 1640 feet.

6. Controlling a Car using your iPhone IPhone has not even spared things that are not even controllable with the help of a remote, but using the iPhone app and a little gadget attached to your car, you can control your car, even when you are not in it.

7. Make a Laser Matrix Projector for the iPhone Laser matrix projector is one more device you can convert your iPhone into. Using the iPhone app in combination with a little help from some devices, your iPhone can work as a Laser matrix projector.

8. View your Webcam on your iTouch or iPhone With the help of iPhone/iTouch apps, you can even view your webcams on your gadget.

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Outsource iPhone and iPad Development Services

iPhone and iPad are the latest generation mobile phones launched by apple. The arrival of the iPad and iPhone mobile application development services provided a boost to the software industry. There is tremendous scope for outsourcing of iPhone & iPad apps development services to mid sized software companies in India. These outsourcing companies in India develop apps which carry out major functions like managing and monitoring various businesses from most corners of the world by maintaining contacts with employees, machines, vendors and clients at the same time. If you outsource your iPhone/iPad app development to India you get a cost effective and flexible pricing model. The highly experienced iPhone/iPad development team at the outsourced destination, has hands on experience in developing such apps. You also get customized applications if you outsource your iPhone/iPad application development services. The best features of iPhone/iPad are imbibed in the application. The outsource iPhone/iPad development services includes business software & Solutions, Productivity apps-utilities and solutions, Games and multimedia apps, Internet apps, Porting web application to mobile platform and other iPhone, Android, iPad, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile solutions which will bring a boost to your business.

Mindfire Solutions is the best destination to outsource offshore iPhone/iPad application development services. Mindfire Solutions had a dedicated team of iPhone/iPad developers who have rich experience and good understanding in outsource iPhone/iPad application development services. The services offered by us in outsource iPhone development services are iPhone custom application development services, iPhone widget, iPhone web application, iPhone porting and migration, iPhone software QA and testing services and Phone software support and maintenance. The services offered by us in outsource iPad application development services are iPad custom application, iPad bespoke software, iPad widget development services, Pad app development services, iPad porting and migration, iPad software support and maintenance. To view some of our projects executed in iPhone and iPad application development, please visit our outsource iphone and outsource iPad projects page.

iPhone and iPad are the latest generation mobile phones launched by apple. The arrival of the iPad and iPhone mobile application development services provided a boost to the software industry. There is tremendous scope for outsourcing of iPhone & iPad apps development services to mid sized software companies in India.

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How to select the best call center software applications

Everyone knows the importance of having a call center manage and enhance business successfully, but unfortunately, very few understands the real importance of associated, all important call center software applications. There are many benefits that the company can obtain using required call center software applications. If proper call center software applications are running and the staff is using them with uttermost efficiency, obtaining an unbeatable competitive edge is not a far fetched dream anymore. However, selecting the right set of call center software applications is always a tricky thing and requires thorough analysis by the involved stakeholders.

Main purpose of call center applications is to work according to the set procedures of the company. Using software applications is essential for the common managerial and operations activities of a call center. The list of services that is done by these software applications include but not limited to managing the interactions by providing assistance in call forwarding and agent allocation. Furthermore, reports generated by these software applications is quite essential for decision making, which can provide ease in daily operations, along with providing assistance for the company to make long term decisions for continuing and enhancing success.

Among the different software applications available the role of CRM, VoIP and dialer applications is very important to ensure the smooth running of the company's operations. The set of software installed could be enhanced as well, but keeping the cost factor in mind is very important. Software cost is not for just one time cost only; rather the maintenance cost is also required to be paid to the software providers or vendors. So getting over excited with having all the software in your premises is not at an intelligent decision, there has to be rationale behind the decision of opting for the software applications.

For identifying the right software applications, it is required that you calculate or estimate the workload (number of inbound and outbound calls) that the company handles overall. Other factors that need to be kept in mind are the severity of the calls, number of call agents and reports requirements. If the agents and managers are not present at the same geographical locations, then the need arises to look for the software applications that can be installed at multiple locations with same DB running behind. Finally, judging the providers based on their services and support is imperative as call center works at odd hours and having prompt support is more than just a requirement.

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Importance of Call Center Software

With the popularity of call centers, the importance of call center software is also increasing. It plays a vital role in the development of these centers and upgrades the customer service. If you are looking for the improvement in the customer service provided by the these centers then it is very essential to give importance the call center software. This software is also known as CRM software. The main purpose of this software is to route all calls immediately to the ideal agents. It is also responsible for the management of interactions, provide detailed reports, helps in assisting customer communication and reduce hold time.

Call center software is effective enough in enhancing the efficiency that too by reducing cost. The major advantage of this software is that it reduces the call holding period. This is done by routing the calls quickly to the agents. It really helps in gaining the confidence of the customers and attracts them towards your excellent service. You should always choose software that helps in attending maximum calls and cuts down the operating costs.

The call center software you chose should be effective enough in providing the details of the number of phone calls that are attended, the hold period, the identification of the agent who attended maximum calls and the number of callers who were put on hold. All these things help in the development of the call centers and improve the services provided by them.

How to Select Better Software?

There are various things that should be given importance while selecting their software. Some of them given below:

- Nature of call center
- Number of agents and their location
- Technical support
- VoIP is assisted or not
- Software should be user friendly
- Caller identification and connection should be instant
- There should be room for future development

It is always a better idea to take suggestions from the management and also from the IT department so as to choose the best software for your own self. You can also look for the reviews about the software which will best guide you whether to go for it or not. The software you choose should have the openly available options and should facilitate computer telephony integration which is better known as CTI. Also, make sure that your software facilitates interactive voice response features. You should always go for the software which is economical and suits your pocket.

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Role Of Hosted Voip Contact Center Solutions

In this rising world of technology, people are looking forward for things which make their life troublefree to live. Business organizations are always in wait of new technologies that can raise their business and earnings. One such growing industry is call center industry. They are now transforming from premise based solutions technology to hosted contact center solutions technology. Contact centers have a major role in the business organizations as they offer wide online alternatives to the call centers. People are quite satisfied with the new hosted call center technology as all the old appliances are replaced by the new agent desktops and internet cables.

Main purpose of these contact centers is to render superior business scheme that will make their client happy. The hosted call center solutions are also known as VOIP contact center solutions. Thus, these call centers should stress on things like superior customer care service, lead generation, one call reso lution and establishing excellent relationship with the customer. Hosted VOIP technology has many advantages such as:
1. Network Management Scalability: under the hosted call centers, its trouble free to alter the network pattern by extending or adding the internet or telephonic lines as per the organization demands.

2. Flexibility: hosted VoIP offers universal services that suits the users configuration and also offers preferable bandwidth.

3. No Geographical Limitation: these hosted call center can be set up anywhere around the world and can use the well-known hosted contact center technology.

4. Bandwidth Efficiency: VOIP hosted call centers increases the bandwidth efficiency, as large no. of ends on the same connection is shared with the network.

Considering all these benefits and features of hosted contact center solutions, one can find that it facilitates the user in saving money and improvising the organizational growth. They also provide inexpensive calling rates on long distance and international calls. They deliver huge audio-video output which serves the user to acquire the sound, video and data easily from the receivers end. They permit their customers to enjoy flexibility and mobility of procedure as the calls are routed through IP packets.

To conclude upon, its found that hosted VOIP call center solutions are a good style of interacting with people across the world at lower rates and executing business with big flexibility. Setting up hosted virtual call center solutions will raise your business earnings and thereby making your life easy to live and enjoy.

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VoIP Contact Center: Why Shrinkage is Your Worst Nightmare

Whether you run an on-premise or virtual contact center, you know that shrinkage is your worst nightmare. This time that your agents spend doing anything other than interacting with customers is a drain on your overall budget. The biggest challenge for you is that some of the activities they are completing are necessary to the overall job. If yours is a VoIP contact center, you likely made that change to streamline your costs and keep everything running on the same platform. Why not leverage those same capabilities to ensure you can minimize shrinkage and use your agents to their full potential?

Why You Should Manage Shrinkage in the VoIP Contact Center

Knowlagent recently completed its own survey on shrinkage in the overall call center industry and published its findings in the Contact Center Shrinkage Survey. In their examination of the VoIP contact center industry, Knowlagent discovered that shrinkage can actually take up a considerable amount of an agent's workday if it is not properly managed within the overall environment. What does it mean to your VoIP contact center budget if your agents lose 30 percent of their time to shrinkage?

Shrinkage Losses in the VoIP Contact Center

Perhaps the most frustrating thing for your VoIP contact center managers is the reality that primary losses are outside of their control. In fact, the survey determined that 54 percent of all shrinkage has to do with activities such as lunch, tardiness, absenteeism, etc. While it is true your managers can offer incentives to try and combat shrinkage in these areas, some amounts you cannot avoid. The good news is, there are manageable activities that are also contributing to loss, including training, project work, social learning, etc. While these losses contribute to 46 percent of shrinkage and 12 percent of an agent's day, they can still be controlled and minimized, while ensuring the VoIP contact center receives the most benefit.

VoIP Contact Center Proven Best to Control Shrinkage

There are some levels of shrinkage that will exist no matter what methods you put in place to avoid it altogether. The best method is to try to implement tools that allow you to minimize shrinkage, while focusing on optimizing the performance of the center. The good news for those of you running a VoIP contact center, the lowest percentage of time in shrinkage is reported in this area simply because the methods put in place are designed to optimize time usage. The industry in which you operate can contribute to your shrinkage numbers somewhat, as regulations and compliance can dictate the processes you put in place. With careful planning of the VoIP contact center, however, you can minimize the overall impact.

Eliminate Your Worst Nightmare in the VoIP Contact Center

The reality is that shrinkage does not have to be your worst nightmare in the VoIP contact center environment. Look to key providers in this space to learn best practices and benchmarks to determine the best strategies to put in place to maximize the amount of time your agents spend interacting with customers. Look to automated platforms that capture information and CRM systems that ensure all information on each customer is available across the enterprise. This will minimize the amount of time the agent has to spend cleaning up an account, allowing them to immediately go to the next call. You will not only reduce shrinkage, but also deliver a better experience for your customers.

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