How to Get Over Celebrity Worship

Are you obsessed with every move that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie make? Do you follow the antics of Paris Hilton and Britney Spears as if they're a religion? If so you may be a victim of celebrity obsession or celebrity worship. Celebrity worship is at epidemic levels in this country as sales of celebrity focused magazines such as People, In Touch, and Us skyrocket. Is this really a good use for your precious time? If you're tired of wasting your days reading about the privileged lives of celebrities who don't even know you exist, why not channel your energy into something more useful? Here's how to get over celebrity worship and get on with your life:

Stop reading the tabloids

Do you rush to the newsstand each week to see who made the cover of People magazine? Do you spend your hard earned money on a stack of celebrity news magazines and tabloids such as the National Enquirer? Now would be a good time to start weaning yourself from this habit. If you indulge your celebrity worship habit by buying several celebrity magazines each week, buy one less magazine on a weekly basis until you no longer buy them at all. Pat yourself on the back for the time and money you've saved by not bringing them home with you. Ask yourself if you really miss them all that much. Chances are you don't.

Realize that celebrities have their flaws.

Some people focus on celebrity worship because they believe they have flawless faces and figures as well as perfect lives. Nothing could be further from the truth. Celebrities are real people with real problems like you and me. Surely their high divorce rate will convince you of that. Even their looks are not as pristine as photos would have you believe. Celebrities are almost always airbrushed before their photos are viewed by the public. Check out some of the internet sites that show celebrities without makeup if you need convincing that the stars aren't perfect.

Find out what's happening in the real world.

If you've been myopic enough to only follow the lives of the rich and famous, broaden your horizons a bit and educate yourself about what's happening to the rest of our country and the world. Instead of buying another celebrity worship magazine, get a copy of Time, Newsweek, or the New York Times and keep abreast of what's happening beyond the golden boundaries of Hollywood.

Develop a new interest or hobby.

Use the time you previously devoted to celebrity worship to start a new hobby, join a club or learn a new skill. It will make you a more interesting conversationalist and give you a newfound sense of confidence. When you have stimulating projects and activities of your own, you'll have less time to spend focusing on what the celebrities are doing.


Instead of envying the svelte bodies of your favorite celebrities, go out and build one of your own. Daily exercise will not only improve your health and physical appearance, it'll give you a new sense of confidence. You may start to feel like a celebrity yourself!

Yes, you can break the celebrity worship habit and become a more fulfilled person in the process. Give some of these tips a try and watch your celebrity obsession melt away.

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