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The leading of the social networking site Facebook music is still can ring mad? China's everyone nets last night, grabbed global social networking site first after initiation, happy nets also gaining momentum. But as the micro bo, geographical position LBS (applications) and other new social product after the upper, social networking site era, guild wars years of traditional social networking sites listed capital rodeos, needs to refer to carve up territory. On the other hand, social networking websites leading Web2.0 era river, end position established four portal as a representative of Web1.0 era.

Social networking site name

Despite of sohu chairman before expressed his views "everyone nets only concept, but Wall Street like Facebook" investors of disappointed again let Wall Street turned down many times (sohu bombardments of share price).

In fact, this is not sohu a awkward, old game overlord, are working to create entertainment empire in the grand ChenTianQiao also chairman of recently expressed domestic capital market will return the grand will. Analytic personage points out, a dozen years compared with the existing concept and the game concept doors media, everyone nets, Facebook's social networking site concept is more originality and teaser.

The industry, it was common belief with Web2.0 Web1.0 matchups. With foreign yahoo, domestic sina four portal as a representative of the first Internet portal media properties, the tide of the Web1.0 wind, strong ability to collect information and push attracted users, also power them grow into the industry giant.

But years geomantic turn by turns, 2005, becoming the social networking site, before and after the video website, with more exalted Web2.0 banner began GongChengLveDe the temperament of close to people. Social networking site stressing social attribute, video website of be particular about sharing fun, focus on the user generated content, quickly captured user convenience, and successively obtain capital's approval.

First last year 6 nets miniaturization, cool music video website actor, best one such capital markets, and optimal actor landed in 50 billion market value stability now, despite more than $the controversial, but prices were too high by the excellent actor, as a representative of the video website can grow as Internet tycoon still make many veteran giant feels the pressure. Everyone in the city yesterday released online to see, century signal better margins, happy nets will follow suit.

The personage inside course of study says, "look at remarked now called the titans send force business, you will know that social networking sites." what the glamour

Reporter discovery, at present sina access sohu, tencent, the business focus on both generic social business. Sina CaoGuoWei and got the CEO will attend the event said editor, has even slightly Po business set up the special division and company to operations. Even if chairman MaHuaTeng didn't personally go into battle, tencent in micro Po business on the glass is also known as sina. Not content to degenerate into the sohu also supporting himself by "a hand" Titus of $6 billion DuZhan cash to battle. Even the small netease, movement both grand and baidu also the layout of related products.

The entire Internet industry speaking, social networking websites, micro bo, instant messaging software, and even video website belong to the extensive social networking products. Orthodox online social networking site everyone brings the whole industry chain, undoubtedly, or exit or death reaction, BieWuChuLu spell.

Now capital watershed

Early in the listed relevant principals before it, and everyone nets said the agency from softbank before more than $4 billion financing basic was not moved, the financing all ablut?Last night, everyone nets listed information display, IPO 5310 million shares ADS, financing 7.4 billion dollars. Scored so many financing amount, according to everyone nets prospectuses statement, including $180 million for r&d and technology investment, 1.8 billion dollars in sales and marketing activities, the rest for general purposes, possibly for strategic acquisitions and investment.

In fact, everyone has reached the recent IPO net Internet companies listed the financing to far beyond the most, already in the nyse listing JiHu 360 (2 billion), dangdang network (2 billion), best actor (1.5 million) and plan the nets qin (listed enterprises such as $75 million).

In most professionals opinion, get money is beneficial to its own development, and for the enterprise, it listed upfront greater significance lies in awe rivals. "Capital market exists' winners, the concept of party armored 'if we won the financing, means too much competition without money can get." The above analysts told reporters.

And it was at everyone online city, its main competitors before the vocal happy nets held twice already announced conference and sentencing of China's Internet anti-unfair competition first case - "true happy nets case" continue to appeal to the supreme people's court. Although happy nets vice President GuoWei all flatly denied "time selection and everyone online relevant municipal", but still triggering widespread speculation.

But now it seems that also listed news out of the happy time in financing amount and net on late step.

Listed unsolved malaises

Even made time and capital advantage, everyone nets may not ultimately successful. "Look from growth, and everyone nets growth is in passive situation." Analysys international analysts DongXu demonstrates a data.

In the first quarter of this year Chinese social networking site market is active accounts, and everyone nets accounted for a share of the 25.1%, happy nets to account for, tencent friends 19.4%, occupy the market to 18.1% of three previous position, everyone nets maintain leading, but the advantage is not obvious.

And another copy data also direct recognizes everyone nets and happy nets growth risks. It is reported, everyone nets user growth is slowing, and 1-3 months this year, month average new active users about 200 million active users, its growth for 1.14 billion with tencent friends, sina micro bo manufacturers are still in the relatively passive, compared to the position.

To cut social networking sites tycoon attitude of everyone friend tencent current nets, and happy nets greatest pressure. Online social networking sites last tencent formal friend, tencent based on tencent in instant messaging software QQ success, tencent friends in strong links structures, active users quantity, product experience and tencent products are advantages between support.

Tencent aspects data says, only 100 days time online, months already active users exceeded 100 million, while 100 days tencent friend 3rd party application installation quantity also 135 million. And according to the Google site trend flow statistics, tencent friend's traffic has surpassed all nets and happy nets, become China's most visited one of the social networking site for everyone, there exists considerable pressure for net. It is to MSN industry for the user Internet use time of a partitioned.

And relatively popular extensive social networking applied micro bo more by horrifying growth of partitioned social networking site users using time. Sina micro Po and tencent micro bo all has claimed that the user had billion.

In addition, analysys international analysis thinks, the perfect user experience with relevant business development will increase everyone nets capital investment, there exist certain financial pressure.

Although the development for many years, but the profitability of the social networking site by still doubt. Everyone nets says it started from the second quarter of 2010, and the core business to be consistently profitable diversity of the earnings way, basically income from the network advertising revenue, game income and Internet value-added services. But "stealing food" boom in the social networking site in game wasn't ideal, pay online advertising revenue also than traditional gateway vary greatly.

Interestingly, the everyone in the business pack listed company, including business model clear 43,200 business glutinous rice nets, it was considered maintain the company's overall revenue every important layout.

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TV on Computer

These days watching TV on computer is not a surprise as it has become a common aspect among those who are tied up with their busy office schedule. The simplest method is to install special satellite TV software on your computer. Downloading this software is quite easy and fast as you find them with most of the online retailers. Once this software is installed, all that you need to do is to just check for your favorite TV channels and watch the desired programs.

And the most interesting aspect of this is that once you become long time subscriber, you need not even pay any monthly subscriptions or for the expenses involved. All that you need to do is to bear the onetime cost for the software which may cost you around $50 and even if you add new programs to the existing ones, you need not pay anything extra.

The TV channels you want to watch on your computer are free as the software gets free to air TV feeds from FTA TV stations. So all that you need to do is only bear the cost for the software and of course in addition you also need a good internet connection. It is wise to use broadband in such occasions as it works faster and you need to also have Macromedia Flash and Windows Media Player installed on your computer.

The greatest advantage in using this software is that, once you have done with a particular program you can always come back to it on another day as it can also be saved. Of course making use of the software turns out to be really beneficial as it is affordable and the number of channels available is also more. So, all this makes it a preferred choice among the youngsters of today.

There is no doubt that watching TV on computer is the latest trend as it gains more popularity day by day. It has become part of office entertainment. First and foremost you need to have a PC with At least Pentium II processor. Always opt for improved windows media player with add-ons as it makes the viewing more lively and interesting. And of course you also need a broadband connection through a lease line or a fast wireless connection. Check whether your computer has a speed of 300 MHz or even higher. Not only with the help of software but also with the help of a separate unit box, you can always access TV on computer.

You also have the PC 2007 elite edition software which comes out with around 3000 TV channels from Italy, Germany, Spain, Arab, France, Russia, UK, Canada, Japan, Egypt, Israel, Iran, Iraq, India, China and so on.Internet TV is the real achievement as far as computer-TV integration is concerned. The free-to-air satellite TV via internet is really a boon as far as those watching TV on computer is concerned. Gone are the days when you spent time in front of television to watch your favorite program, this has become rare with the advent of technology whereby you can watch TV on computer itself.

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Watch the new to the Satellite TV Wipeout Episodes Online!

So what did you say? Is The Wipeout? Well it is a new to the job truth box agricultural show with the aim of is getting set to head of government on Tuesday June 24th. This is the the largest part talked in relation to agricultural show and is estimated to subsist a summer truth box knock. So at this moment you can become set to watch the new to the job Wipeout Episodes online.

This essentials truth agricultural show strength of character introduce 24 contestants who strength of character contest in the sphere of approximately of the world's biggest extreme blockage direction. Lone of the measures strength of character include the "Dreadmill" which strength of character has the contestant on a 40 end lingering treadmill with the aim of is pitiful by from head to foot speeds; it follows that they strength of character subsist vital to bound hurdles while on the pitiful treadmill.

This agricultural show was formed to consent to individuals watch contest ants wipeout while competing on behalf of the fine prize of $50,000. Many individuals are predicted to refrain into this new to the job truth agricultural show.

So how can lone watch the new to the job Wipeout episodes online? It is straightforward with today's equipment you strength of character not assert to pine for several of the new to the job premieres with the aim of are launch this summer. You can even take your television programs with you anywhere you require.

With the power of the internet and your PC you can at this moment watch several of your favorite television shows online. This is straightforwardly made by downloading a satellite software against your PC or else laptop; you strength of character it follows that subsist agreed access to in excess of 3000 channels instantly with no having to give several monthly television bills.
Millions of individuals assert already bare this new to the job equipment with the aim of enables somebody to watch all their favorite television shows and sports programs Live online. You strength of character receive all the channels with the aim of you now assert and a ton other. Individuals assert ongoing using this new to the job equipment for the reason that they realize how much money they can save; simply by switching to this new to the job way of watching television. All is tiresome to save money with the from head to foot cost of living vacant up everyday; and by hurtful dazed your resident cable document you strength of character subsist surprised by how much money you can save in excess of the months and years.

Equipment is changing the way we execute a assortment of things. It has made everything other well-located; we are at this moment able to give our bills online, we can watch DVD's while we are sitting 3500 feet from head to foot in the sphere o f the sky sitting on a seaplane and we can at this moment even watch the new to the job episodes Wipeout from anywhere in the sphere of the humankind.

Somebody can exhaust this new to the job equipment; for the reason that it was made on behalf of the be more or less person; even if you execute not assert several previous PC experience. The step by step director strength of character call your furnish while you download the software against your PC. You strength of character not lone receive all the television channels with the aim of you and your lineage strength of character care for to watch; you strength of character in addition receive an ad nauseam amount of data lines stations the same as well.

If you found this article on "watch the new to the job Wipeout episodes online" of use; visit our location beneath. You strength of character subsist receive access to the fiery new to the job equipment with the aim of is taking all by storm! You strength of character in addition subsist able to download the software in the sphere of simply five minutes!

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An Easy Shopping Cart Software Will Work Well With Proper Planning

Basically a whole lot of things will work well with proper planning if you ask me. For those who are keen to use an easy shopping cart software to build your online store, it will serve you well to do some proper planning before you jump into it.

What Do You Need?

Have an outline of your online business. This will include what you would like to sell and where you are going to find the products. Will you be using a drop ship company or will you use different suppliers? And what is the benchmark price that you want to sell your products for? Are the type of products that you are planning to sell in high demand currently? If they are not, then you may want to consider looking for niche markets. You will also need to have your own company name and logo created. And to accept payment from customers, you need to have your own payment gateway account created.

What Happens When You Don't Plan?

You will probably just choose whichever ecommerce shopping cart that you think looks good and then try to look for all the missing bits and pieces of product information to upload. Or you could be trying to figure out how to even use the software and bump around all the place clueless as ever. This is just wasting time. If you have all your stuff lined up and ready, the moment you sign up for the free trial period with the shopping cart, you could start uploading all your files and details. If done properly and in an organized manner, you could have your online store up within a few days all ready to start selling.

Make Use Of Free Trial Periods

While many shopping cart software providers offer free trial periods for users to try out their software, this is also an excellent opportunity for you to find out how well their software works. And if you have all your stuff ready, it could take you only a few days to create your entire online store with their solution. So make full use of the free trial periods that are offered to build your online store quickly. If you are not satisfied with the first few that you have picked, then move on to try the others. You could target the popular ones first.


So an easy shopping cart software will work really well if you have all your stuff planned out properly. Saves you time and you'll know what you need to get done in a systematic manner.

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Watch Out For These Danger Signs When Choosing An Easy Shopping Cart Software

Before you decide on which easy shopping cart software to choose to build your online store, you may want to consider watching out for these danger signs.

Free Now?

You may come across a few shopping cart software that is completely 'free'. The truth of the matter is that nothing is really free out there. What I have discovered is that the shopping cart software may be free but you may want to check whether you are able to use all the features that is important for the running of your online store or not. Or do you have to end up paying to use different features on a monthly basis? That would be more troublesome and it could end up costing you more money in the long run.

Really Cheap?

Other than getting something free, most people would try to look for cheap shopping cart software to use. Now this would be reasonable if not for the fact that you may end up getting less profit. Check to make sure that the service provider does not take a chunk out of your profit whenever a customer makes a purchase from your store. If your store has a lot of sales, then the service provider ends up making quite a lump sum from part of your profits. I would advise that you go for an ecommerce shopping cart that does not take any percentage from your payment transactions. That way you could keep your profits since you are going to pay the service provider a monthly subscription fee.

It Costs To Ask For Help

When setting up your own online store, you may encounter a bunch of problems which will require you to contact the shopping cart provider's technical support team or customer service. Please check to ensure that the cart you are planning to use does not charge you for contacting their technical support. You do not want to be caught off guard and end up having to pay more money for asking for help from them. Which by the way, is rather ridiculous since you are already paying a monthly subscription fee to them. Clarifying this will save you a lot of headaches in the long run as you will need to contact technical support for help some way or another to clarify stuff.


These are just some of the danger signs that I could warn new online users or merchants to watch out for before they choose any shopping cart software to use. It's not only the pricing that you need to consider but all the other nifty things that these providers may want to charge you for that could really add up later on.

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Easy Shopping Cart Software - What To Do Before You Start Paying Subscription

Don't you even THINK of signing up for a free trial before you have done the following actions.

Many times this happens to be the scenario. People will search for an easy shopping cart software that they can sign up for thinking that they can start building their store then. WRONG! The right way is to conceptualize your entire online business ideas first before you even start looking for any cart.

What Happens When You Don't Plan?

Guess what happens when people just start signing up to use a cart before even planning out their business properly? The result, they get stuck. They have the products they want to sell online but the pictures or images are not ready. They do not know how much to charge for shipping. Payment methods? Haven't signed up or created an account with any payment gateway much less discover how much these gateways will charge per transaction. Not enough market research done on the products they wish to sell. Or worse case scenario, the products that they want to sell are getting outdated!

What You Need To Plan

So to have some wisdom, please start to plan what you want to sell, how you want to sell it and who you want to sell it to. List down all your keywords ready to use for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Find out how much shipping will cost based on the weight of your products and remember to include a buffer fee for emergencies in case shipping costs more than you anticipated. Draw out how you want your store to look like. Work on your logo and make sure it looks professional. If you're not the creative designer type, please look up a few logo design companies to get some quotations. If their rates and previous work portfolio impresses you, you may want to go with them. Make sure you set up a payment gateway by having an account with them and know the fees they charge.

Free Trial Season

After you have all that planned out, then only do you begin to look for several easy shopping cart software to try out. Since majority of them offer free trials, you need to allocate some time to test out their features to see whether they suit your needs or not. If the ecommerce shopping cart does not fit you, then move on to try other carts. In some instances, you may even try out several carts at the same time to compare features. While trying it out, please do ASK as many questions regarding the solution till you are completely satisfied. You do not want a cart that has poor after sales support when you need them the most. It also helps to see their range of client base to know how reputable and reliable their solution is.


Only when you are completely satisfied with the cart and have tested it out to the max during its free trial period do you consider signing up for it. Please make sure that you have also taken into consideration the monthly subscription fee for the solution as you do not want to just set up a hit and run online store. You need to think long-term when running an online business.

Harry Goldberg is a retired ecommerce entrepreneur who has built and sold over 100 online stores. He now shares his ideas and tips on what to do before you start subscribing to an easy shopping cart software which is an ecommerce shopping cart. Make sure you plan well and make full use of their free trial periods.

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Food Network - Everyone's Show

As cable and satellite tv emerges, there has been many favorable programs to watch, so many interesting things to learn. One great channel for food lovers is food network- a channel with great celebrity chefs giving out the best food recipes while making the viewer's mouth water.

From the time that the legendary chef Julia Child came on, food network became very popular to viewers. One can never ask for anything else in this channel with amazing recipes and celebrity chefs that do the cooking. The concept is really fantastic, a channel that touches on food; endless recipes from unusual to simple dishes that airs 24 hours a day. It helps the viewers realize all wonderful things about food, their value and what they can do to our health.

The channel is made up of other wonderful chef personalities and one of my favorites is Rachael Ray. You'll notice that she is often in a good mood and smiles while introducing a new recipe. Emeril is one of the most popular American celebrity chefs, combining both celebrity guestings and music. He has a vast, incredible knowledge when it comes to food and loves to have fun during the show.

Good Eats hosted by Alton Brown is an entertaining show with all the unique style of sharing awesome dish recipes. You will probably know the things you've never learned before so sit back and enjoy. Paula Deen's southern style is more of an affectionate and warm food show for it has the objective of bringing friends and loved ones together by sharing a tasty meal. In this channel, everyone will find a show that will go with their own motives and goals in life.

The website of food network is helpful in a sense that you can always look unto this site to see something that you've missed on television. All the recipes shown on the actual videos are listed in their website and their online stores offer complete cooking utensils and informative cookbooks.

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