Three Call Center Management Mistakes

The latest generation of call center software can easily generate page after page of analytical reports. Armed with these call center reports, managers set out to turn their departments into lean, efficient operations. Unfortunately three common reactions to these reports can devastate operations, making things worse rather than better.

Cutting Staff

Managers use call center reports to find and resolve sources of caller backlog. As queue times drop, some agents may find periods that they have no calls to take. The obvious, and incorrect, reaction to this is to lay off agents.

However these changes are generally made in response to the fact agents were overburdened in the first place. As the workload eases, reducing staffing simply creates the overwork problem again. In addition, any healthy company should grow. What happens when the organization has more customers and caller traffic starts to climb again?

If agents are idle for short periods of time, this is often simply a symptom of an efficient department and can be ignored. Agents will appreciate the occasional breather. Longer idle periods can be handled by giving agents additional, optional duties to fill their time or by adjusting, not reducing, staffing to cover high traffic periods.

Using Reports As Punishment

Call center reports can be used to find the agents who handle fewer than average calls per day. Shaking a page of statistics in an agent's face and demanding improved call rates is not likely to solve the problem. The goal of analytics is to improve department operation for the benefit of the company, the customers and the agents. Using them as a source of discipline causes agents to see the tools as something negative.

In general, focus on the department as a whole rather than on individual agents. In cases were some agents are significantly underperforming, find out why rather than immediately jumping to a reprimand. Is the agent struggling due to poor training? Is the agent unable to cut off chatty customers politely? Is the agent handling calls that should be transferred to other departments? Using a positive approach toward these and similar problems will yield better results.

Treating Technology As An Answer

Call center reports are valuable tools for managers, but don't expect them to be more than that. They are tools, not solutions. Information helps managers devise effective solutions and measure the effect of new policies and procedures, but don't do anything by themselves. Simply installing software and putting up wallboards full of statistics won't improve department performance any more than an axe will chop down a tree by itself.

Software is no substitute for human analysis and planning. Use the data gathered to determine where problems lie and to find new methods of dealing with these challenges. Create policies so agents know how to respond to changes in caller traffic. Develop a comprehensive solution rather than simply throwing money and technology at the problem.

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Call Center Management

If you take a closer look at the BPO industry, you will find that many call centers have come up of late. These units are providing various voice and non-voice call center services to the business firms that outsource work from countries like USA and Canada, even Europe. However, just like their meteoric rise, many of them run out of fizz after staying around in the market for some time. They may grab plump telemarketing projects when they initially come into existence. They have newer resources at their disposal and also have the beginner's luck. But holding on to this initial spurt of telemarketing services would need more business acumen than luck. The call center units have to be managed in a better and more efficient way. Whether that unit will stand the test of time is generally determined by the unit's ability to adapt themselves to the changing BPO service scenario. Here are some ways in which they can do that in a better way:

1. Planning: It's necessary to chalk out the telemarketing plan before you take the project to the floor. The call center agents are going to work at a rapid pace. So when the project kicks off, you will have very little time to make changes or adjustments. All of the planning has to be done prior to Day One of the project. BPO managers can save time and resources if they are able to plan things out beforehand. The planning must include the minute details of the telemarketing services, like what sort of processes will be used to what kind of technology will be applied. The manpower factor needs to be considered as well. You will have to decide how experienced you want your BPO service agents to be. It's obvious that you will want different tiers of agents, according to skill and experience. You will have to leave ground for innovation and also some contingency plans to bail you out in crunch situations.

2. Research: To manage a call center for maximum productivity, the research work that you do has to be on the spot. Several call centers fall short of the desired expectations because they do not do their research work. Research arms your telemarketing agents with the required amount of knowledge. Consumers of the modern day are not satisfied with questions about your client's products/services only. They will ask you questions about the competition and the rivals. If your lead generation agents are not aware of their data and how you are superior, your telemarketing services will be hopelessly lacking meat.

3. Execution: This is the third stage of managing call center units. It is obvious from practical experience of running a BPO that things will not always work as planned. You may have certain hurdles and obstacles on your way. That is where shrewd BPO service managers come in. They will bail you out of trouble when the application of the plans moves away from the desired orbits. Always keep ample room for adaptation. That is what sets a winner business process outsourcing unit from the also-rans.

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call center software

Call center call center software enables call center managers to have a complete record of every yell and other transactions made by call center agents and customers . The computer software has easy to use features and lets still freshly hired agents to keep track of their fundamental interactions with clients.

The main blind of the software system is parted into several smaller carpenter's planes for coverage and displaying different items such as the claim single valued function , phone lumber, call details , call naming and birdsong journal. The agents record the phoner 's information in the delegated negotiation boxes, to designate outcries to a particular agent. They can make multiple appointments from a single outcry , each with its ain scratch , acknowledgment and resolution dates and sentences.

The call center hardware has the ability to create principal outcries and place them onto a bulletin board, to be accessed by other agents . The star yells are broadly speaking used to act a widespread problem or of import result pertaining all agents, such as network scandalization . This feature lets agents to link up subsequent calls for the same problem, to the lead call and last close all the claims at the same time, when the outcome is dissolved .

Some of these software systems do not have an robotlike notification system and the cries brought forth need to be manually delegated to an agent or group of agents. It lets agents to seek out and prepare vociferations into several predefined outcry groupings, such as Active Calls, My Active Assignments and Overdue Calls. The classification of incoming cries into different groupings, allows a high level of ascendence over pilotage of individual outcry tickets and other group processes .

The software system is compatible with almost all CRM package utilised in call centers and can be got at remotely via a network connection and web browser. All these features have made it popular with call centers.

call center software

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How to apply call center software products in management

With technological developments, call center management and its industry as a whole have observed radical and innovative advancement. Those advancements and innovations have been playing as the pivotal parts and have affected the way the agents act and let them improve their proficiency about the inbound services and outbound services.

Call center agents are to play prime roles in providing the answering service to the customers because they are seen to be the spokespersons, who are to directly communicate with the customer. They are to embody the clients' image. That is why the call center agents are required to be properly groomed with every advanced process technology, so that they can be able to market company product or services accurately or to give answers satisfactorily.

The most interesting thing related to the advanced software advantages, which are usually applied in the inbound call centre setups, is that they can sift the callers based on their requirements. The technology enables to redirect the callers to the proper agents. And in this way we can get quicker solutions and minimum callers waiting in the queue.

It is not that this kind of advanced technology facilitates only the inbound call center services. The outbound services do also find similar advantages. The only difference between them is that the way the latest business process outsourcing technology works in an inbound process is just the opposite or inverse in an outbound process.

Wondering what advancements we have been talking about? They are as following:

Analytical Dialer:

This basically refers to the application, which is used in outbound call center process. Analytical Dialer is privileged with a feature like flexibility. How can that be, right? Yes, it can make things easier such as about the maintenance and expansion of the security capacities with its enhanced versions upon its existing one.

Enhanced kind of safeguarding mode of the latest ones for the customer information while the calls are being handled ensures superior call handling. With the market broadening rapidly, analytical dialer shows its varieties, though each of them is well designed with their respective inventive styles.

Real Time Telemetry:

In a word, telemetry is a wireless data transfer mechanism, which enables the remote call measurement and the reposting of the information. In addition to this advantage, the data that is transferred over to other media is covered, for example the computer network, optical link, telephone and other varieties of the wired communication system.

Call record reporting in detail:

The advanced technology makes retrieving and recording the telecommunication data easier. It is thought to be very essential because they can facilitate analyzing process, monitoring as well as forecasting the communication compatibility process. This helps to take stock of the growing data on the network and to process through the accounts and stocks of the calls. This also enables the call center executives to use the diverse reports in order to keep track of the network activities, cost allocation and their productivity.

Tracking of calls & IVR:

Interactive voice response plays vital roles in showing the means to save costs, enhance the rates on the automation and eventually translate all those into increasing business efficiency. If one is to attain the goal of a business, then telephone based and automated program stands to be very fruitful. The latest advancement on the previous ones is very astounding because they have enabled to enhance and accelerate the processes required for manual staffing and calling.

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Call Center Management Software The Upside

Call centers are one of the key customer contact points for most businesses today. It may be a customer contact center with incoming calls catering to product support, inquiries and services or one with outgoing calls intended for sales, active feedback collection and telemarketing. Irrespective of the business, the scale at which these call centers operate is huge! Handling the call classification, personnel program, information availability and quality control can get extremely chaotic. Like in every other field, here, too, automation has made the management of complex processes simpler and more efficient.

Call center management softwareCall center management software is designed to handle complex contact center operations and high call volume. Basically, it automates and standardizes the process of receiving and responding to customer phone calls, enabling better monitoring of the customer experience, evaluation of employee performance and workflow management.

The primary benefit of customer service management software, in particular, over traditional systems is that all relevant information, such as, contact information, problem and complaint records and service and support histories, is accessible on a single interface. This ensures that the call centre agent is equipped with a wide range of tools to assist the caller.

Stringent policies for customer engagement, work scheduling and demand are to be balanced with optimum utilization of resources. Collaboration via phone, e-mail and application sharing enable real-time information exchange and rapid issue resolution. Seamless database access, administration, and reporting applications help businesses to identify operational issues and take immediate action to solve them. Perfect integration to service and, consequently, to dispatch, as required, result in increasingly efficient process workflow. Therefore, customer service management software that enables users to perform these tasks is often referred to as work order software.

Work order software employs the policy of monitoring through all phases of the customer service workflow ensuring accountability at every stage. This aids in quality control, hierarchical escalation and maintaining focus on SLAs. Call center management software also provide views of historical data, allowing analysis of trends to establish performance benchmarks, and planning of new marketing or customer service campaigns. The ease of business-specific customization of reports and easy access to them make for more effective contact center management.

Last but not least, call center management software helps in increasing the opportunity for revenue growth by preparing agents for successful customer interactions with click-access to scripts, knowledge stores and parts inventories. Also, features like help desk and internal sales scripting result in quicker issue resolution, enabling service contracts and add-on merchandise sales as well as capture of cross-sell opportunities.

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How to Open DBX Files after Corruption?

It might happen with you that, while trying to access any email downloaded in your Microsoft Outlook Express mailbox, you suddenly see a message prompted on your screen which says

An Outlook Express store file might be corrupted. Please use a utility such as ScanDisk to verify and repair any damaged files

Account Info

Error Number: 0x800C0155

After the error message appears, it is very likely that you will loose access to almost all the emails stored in your Outlook Express folders. Under any such instance, your instant inevitable reaction will of panic. The fear of losing all important mails (personal and professional) would immediately take birth in your mind. But, a rational thought would make you land on the options of OE repair and DBX recovery.

To your delight, there surely are options available for recovering DBX email data. One of the most viable and easiest options is to use DBX file recovery software that can easily restore DBX and help you quickly recover DBX data.

As you will lose access to all your mails, so your need is of a tool that can help you open DBX files and recover your email information from them. One such tool is SysTools Outlook Express Restore software.

How to Open DBX Files Easily after Corruption?

Your rational thought of using DBX files restore options would surely bring you to the search engines to find an apt software tool for corrupt DBX repair process. An ideal tool would be such that could open corrupt DBX files easily; fix DBX corruption issue efficiently; perform DBX file repair process quickly; and finally, recover email data in exactly the same form as present before.

SysTools Outlook Express Restore software is perh aps the most easy-to-use tool for DBX recovery. You can use this tool very easily as the interface is self-descriptive and successive screen instructions appearing at the time of DBX repair process are self-explanatory.

You can easily recover your OE email data using SysTools Outlook Express Restore software and can open DBX files easily after the recovery process performed by the tool.

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Error Message If The Folders.Dbx File Is Damaged

An error message at the startup of Outlook Express does not allow you to access you emails, news and more. The various factors responsible for the occurrence of this error message are damaged .dbx file(s), Outlook Express corruption etc. In such situations, if the user has not maintained any copy of the .dbx file(s) as data backup, then he needs to use efficient DBX Recovery software to extract the inaccessible data.

For example, when a user attempts to start Outlook Express, he may receive one of these error messages:

"Unknown error has occurred. Protocol: SMTP Port: 0 Secure: No [SSL] Error: 0x800c0131"
"Outlook Express: The message could not be sent. There is not enough Disk space."

After the above error message appears, the Outlook Express e-mails become inaccessible. The main cause for the above error message is that the folders.dbx file is missing or damaged. To resolve the above error and access data, the user needs to create a new folders.dbx file. To do so, he needs to perform these steps: 1. The user needs to manually search the corrupt folders.dbx file in the partition where Windows is installed (viz. C: drive)
2. The user should Right-click the folders.dbx file shown in the search results, then click Rename to name the file folders.old
3. Start Outlook Express. It automatically creates a new folders.dbx file.
To recover the lost data, the user needs to restore it from a recent back up. If the user has not maintained any back up of the data, then he needs to recover the Outlook Express data by using a third party application named Outlook Express Recovery software.

It is recommended to use Stellar Phoenix Outlook Express Recovery software to ensure absolute and safe recovery of all Outlook Express lost data. This Outlook Recovery application uses advanced and powerful scanning algorithms to recover data. This DBX Recovery software can be used to repair DBX files created with Outlook Express 5 or 6. It supports Windows XP, 2000, NT, Me and 98 SE.

This DBX Recovery software restores repaired messages in .eml (Windows Mail e-mail storage format, which replaces Outlook Express in Vista) and .dbx format. The .eml messages can be directly viewed in Outlook Express, while .dbx files need to be imported. It is a read only application that provides secure and non-destructive Outlook Recovery for complete piece of mind. It is designed with highly graphical user interface, which makes it easy to understand and implement.

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