Create, Design & Launch Your Iphone Application

The Apple iPhone is an amazing device that invites creativity. You've probably said to yourself: 'I wish I could do that on my iPhone.'

With the iPhone Software Development Kit (SDK), programmers can make your ideas reality - even if you yourself don't know the difference between a C-pointer and a SQLite database.

More than 200 iPhone application projects have already been posted on Check out thesetips in this articleto get your project kick-started.

We focus on the development of applications for the Apple iPhone, and we asked Nick Dalton, iPhone SDK specialist, to give Elance buyers a few tips on how to scope and post an iPhone Application project. Heres what he had to say:

The iPhone is an amazing device that invites creativity. If youre an iPhone owner Im sure youve said to yourself: I wish I could do that on my iPhone, or I have a great idea for an iPhone application.

With the iPhone Software Devel opment Kit (SDK), programmers can make your ideas reality even if you yourself dont know the difference between a C-pointer and a SQLite database. But before you go ahead and post your application idea to the buzzing iPhone project area on www.Elance,com. here are some pointers to get your project kick-started:

Study the Masters
Apple has already spent a lot of time thinking about how to present information and build interactive applications on the iPhone. The applications that come with the iPhone are the results of this research. Study them in great detail and try to apply as many of the user interface metaphors as possible to your application.

Not only will Apple be flattered if you imitate the user interface in their applications, but they actually mandate it to a great level of detail as described in their Human Interface Guidelines.

Dream in Color Screens
Most applications for the iPhone will be very visual. Therefore it makes sense to provide your requirements as screen images or sketches. You dont have to be a graphics artist to do this effectively. An iPhone programmer is looking for the following information:

- The type of layout each screen should have

- The buttons on the screens

- The actions associated with each button

The exact shape and format of your screen sketches is secondary. As long as they are readable, its a great way to communicate your application design to a programmer.

Be Realistic About Your Budget
Look at other iPhone projects posted on Elance to get a sense for the bid amounts on these projects. Read the descriptions of these projects to see if they seem to be larger or smaller projects than what you have in mind. If you set your budget to under $500 for something that is realistically going to take a programmer two months to implement, you are not likely to attract many bidders.

From a programming perspective, some things are easy to do on the iPhone, while other seemingly simple things are very time consuming. For example the beautiful cover-flow animation used in the music application on the iPhone should be simple to use in other applications. Unfortunately you cant. If you want this animation within your application it will have to be written from scratch, probably costing a one month of work.

If you talk to an approved iPhone developer early in your application design proces s you can learn how to get most out of your budget by avoiding the things that are really difficult to do on the iPhone.

Dont Be Too Original
iPhone users already know how to do certain tasks on their phones by convention. For example, if you tap an item in a list that has a > icon next to it, you expect to be taken to another screen with more information about that item. If your application needs similar functionality, dont be creative and come up with a new way to solve the same problem. Use the conventions already established by Apple.

New conventions are difficult to establish especially with the touch interface because there is no way to discover how your application works on the iPhone. Unlike a website where you can hover with the mouse pointer over areas that look like you can interact with them and a tool tip or the status bar will reveal some clues to you.

Know Your Limitations
The curr ent version of the iPhone SDK, which is used to write applications for the iPhone, has many restrictions and limitations. Some of them are common sense, e.g. you cant send text messages from an application. Imagine an application that sends out thousands of text messages without your knowledge, who is going to pay the phone bill for that?

Other restrictions are maddening: applications cannot access the log of phone calls, or interact in any way with the calendar or the music stored on the iPhone.

To Apples credit, the iPhone SDK is an amazing piece of software especially given that it was publicly released as a Beta just three months ago. Some of the shortcomings listed above will likely be addressed in future releases of the SDK.

As a buyer with an idea for an iPhone application, you should educate yourself about these limitations before you spend too much time designing an application that is impossible to implement. Talk to a developer or company that specializes in iPhone development (and there are many available on Elance) and they can help you get on the right track from the start.

Nick Dalton (username: 360mind) is an experienced iPhone SDK specialist and service provider. He has 15+ years of background in programming, and currently focuses his business, 360mind, 100% on the development of iPhone applications. For more information on Nick, check out his book, 101 iPhone Tips and Tricks.

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Search for No Deposit Casinos - Here Is Some Basic Information

There are a lot of online casinos where you can play casino games. Those games are free for you to play, as there is nothing to deposit to play casino games. We can call those as no deposit casinos.

Those listed casinos offer no deposit casinos bonus to the people who are interested to play the game and sign up. The sign up process is also easy and convenient. They will provide you the link on the site.

For sign up you need to provide your detail information, email address, user name, password, etc. after the successful verification, you will be ready to play the no deposit casinos games. You will instantly get the bonus in your account according to the present offer. The bonus will be credited to your account by the no deposit casinos. But for online registration you need to download the casino software. After downloading the software you will follow the registration procedure.

You may find different casinos, some no deposit casinos are called as the real-time gaming casinos. To play in the real-time gaming casinos, you need to collect the no deposit bonus code, because that code is required to gain the no deposit casinos free money. You will find the no deposit bonus code when you will click on the casino website link. Then you have to download the casino software. After downloading it, you will go to the cashier, then input your code and gather the free money immediately.

You will find a lot of casinos to play online free games. Among those some casinos change the free bonus without any notice. When you will want to play online games you will not be in a situation to know the bonus that you will get. But in case of no deposit casinos you will get the information about the bonus amount that is offering now, because it always keeps the list up to date.

You will find the no deposit bonus list on the main page of the casino site. But if you don't get that information over there then just check the promotion link. You will get the information instantly, as it is important to know your bonus amount before playing no deposit casinos games.

If you are so lucky then you can get the exclusive offers for no deposit casinos. So play the no deposit casinos and be up to date about the exclusive offers.

Now a day no deposit casinos become so popular to the people from all over the glove, because of its exiting offers those are different from other casino games. It is rated one of the most flexible online casino games, because you will never be in a position to lose anything. Here you can only play online casino games and enjoy all the moment you will be in the casinos playing field.

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Download Free iPad eBooks - How to Gain Access to Unlimited iPad eBooks for Free - Technology - Gadgets and Gizmos

If you're looking for ways to download free iPad eBooks then there are some things that you should know. You have to be careful when downloading free eBooks for your iPad because most free download sites are known to be a primary source of viruses, spyware, and adware. The last thing you want is to jeopardize the health of your iPad by downloading ebooks from the wrong iPad media site. Here's what you need to know in order to download free iPad eBooks easily and safely.

There are 3 ways to load your iPad full of your favorite eBooks. You can buy each eBook individually which can become costly over time, you can download eBooks from free websites that are usually riddled with spyware and viruses, or you can join a one-time fee iPad membership site which will give you access to unlimited iPad eBooks that are free of viruses and spyware for a small one-time fee.

The first thing that you want to keep in mind is that a lot of older books are already available for free via Google Books, or Project Gutenberg. So if it's an older title that you're looking for then check there first. You might be surprised at what titles are actually available.

If you want to keep your iPad free of nasty viruses and spyware that could ultimately harm it then I would recommend avoiding any free websites that offer newer and more popular titles for free. These sites may look quite appealing but a large majority of the files available on these sites have viruses or some other type of malicious software that can harm your device. Instead, spend a few bucks one time and gain access to unlimited iPad eBooks for free. I recommend using the Book Download Center as they have a gigantic collection of eBooks for your iPad in all genres. The downloads that they offer are all safe from viruses, spyware, and adware and there is only a small one-time fee. If you would like to learn more about the Book Download Center then Click Here!

If you have downloaded eBooks from a less than reputable site and your iPad is starting to act funny then check your instruction manual for the necessary steps to reset your iPad back to its factory default settings. This will serve to clear out any malicious software that may have made its way onto your device.

For More Information on How You Can Access Unlimited eBooks for Free Using the Book Download Center Click Here!

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Unlock Your 3g Iphone by Availing Proper Iphone Unlocking Facilities

The most recent development in the modern technological field is the introduction of the 3g iphone which has revolutionized the whole concept of mobile phones. The iphones with its wide range of facilities have already been accepted as an effective tool of the contemporary communication.

The launch of the most recent version of iphone- the 3g iphone , was waited upon by several tech savvy people as before the launch of this version Apple came up with the claim that this newest version of phone could not be unlocked. However, the 3g iphone unlock facilities were made available in the various websites within the time period of a couple of days. This newest version of iphone also claimed to have better and faster internet service.

The iphone 3g unlock facility is now available in the various websites and by using them you can easily unlock iphone 3g of yours. However before opting for downloading any such program from the internet you should ensure that the unlock 3g iphone facility that you are adopting is genuine and authentic as numerous fake services are also available in the internet. The best way to ensure that you get the most appropriate unlock iphone 3g program is that you should opt to avail the facilities of any reputed websites. Consulting any friend or acquiantence who has already availed that service would also guarantee the most apt unlock 3g iphone facility for your iphone. Through the 3g iphone unlock you can ensure broader website coverage in the activated GPRS system of your iphone.

You can avail of the various software services that are available on the internet to unlock 3g iphone. The procedure of downloading these software services is also not difficult and any novice with the basic knowledge of computers can easily benefit from these software services. The guidance that these services provide not only helps you in navigating their website properly but also with the complete procedure to unlock 3g iphone.

Purchasing software can be a worthy investment for you as its iphone 3g unlock system will help through the duration of the time that you own an iphone. If the software you buy for the purpose of 3g iphone unlock gets old you do not need to worry as recent updates to these software services and the customer cares for answering of all your queries are also available for your benefit. Along with the unlock iphone 3g facility many software services also provide installer packages that helps you in availing various games, ap plications and utilities.

One of the most common iphone 3g unlock program is the iphone sim card unlock. In this process a chip similar to that of the sim card of the iphone is connected at the back of the actual sim. The iphone works properly as this fake sim deceives the iphone in believing that the original sim card is being used. The iphone sim card unlock system is effectively used through this unlocking procedure. Using any network from your iphone becomes possible through the use of the iphone sim card unlock system.

Get the best unlock iphone 3g facility and experience wider network coverage and greater GPRS networking.

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Celebrity fashion and trends

Who does not like to know celebrity fashion and trends? There are many people who give close attention to their favorite celebrities and their lives. There are some people who like to give attention to their favorite celebrities' clothes and fashion. Many have fascination for celebrity fashion. Many like to dress like celebrities. People like to read celebrity news and want to have the latest updates about celebrity fashion. Many people like to follow fashion trend of celebrity in clothing. Everybody likes to follow celebrity fashion and generally the outfit of these celebrities. The outfit of such celebrities is of latest trend and hence you want to follow it. It is very tough to find out the celebrity fashion items in shops particularly for those great quality and cool designs in clothing. But if you browse through different websites, you can easily get the latest celebrity fashion trends. There are several websites that will surely help you in getting touch with well-kn own dress designers and even shops, which have same clothes in new styles. These online stores allow you to place an online order for the current trend in clothing. You can easily shop and purchase a few of the most perfect collections online. You will find all celebrity trends online in clothing and their lifestyle. You only need to browse via different websites to know the latest trends of different celebrities in clothing and other things too. There are many celebrities who keep up with the fashion of accessories, clothes and jewelry. Another fashion of celebrity is handbags famously used by many ladies. There are several shops that bring celebrity fashion in varieties to select from and purchase the best one. Many women prefer purchasing handbags that are trendy and well suitable to their lifestyle. If you like following celebrity fashion and especially fashion in clothing then you can visit different online stores to get the latest fashion trends in clothing. Celebrity fashion is a huge trend amid the youth. Celebrities are always changing their styles as well as trends. The current celebrity fashion is bringing dogs to nearly all the places that celebrities visit. Bringing dogs to every place is a great fashion commodity. This trend started a year ago and now several high profile celebrities are bringing their dogs to every place they visit. Jewelry is one of the most important and preferred accessories of many celebrities. It always has been on the list of several celebrities. There is great demand for jewelry by many celebrities. Stars such as Kate Hudson, Victoria Beckham are seen changing their jewelry as well as trends. Modern jewelry even counts in the latest trends, which are high amid the latest celebrity fashion trend. If you are also one of those who like to have the latest updates about celebrity and their lives then you can read about them and latest trends followed by them online. You can even go through many celebrity wallpa pers online and select the one that you like the most.

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Cult of the Celebrity - Exploring the implications for effective consumer packaged goods branding


Detailed analysis documenting the drivers behind the accelerated interest in, and popularity of, celebrities Insights into how and why celebrity remains a powerful tool in a marketing context, along with assessments of its limitations and challenges Strategic conclusions and actionable recommendations on effectively harnessing the power of celebrity endorsement and branding Global scope countries covered: France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, UK, US, Australia, N. Zealand, Japan, China, S. Korea, India


Voyeurism has achieved a level of acceptability and marketers need to meet consumers' needs for accessibility and information on celebrity endorsee. This is expressed through the very aggressive expansion of the market for explorations of celebrities' lives and the range of media that has evolved to answer demand Research shows that celebrities and athletes are the least trust ed of all company/brand spokespersons. Despite this, millions of dollars are continually invested in such endorsements The concept of celebrity has transcended attachment to individual people and become attached in some cases to actual products. For example, personal technology has become dominated by products that have effectively achieved celebrity status themselves actual celebrity endorsement is not even necessa

Improve your marketing effectiveness: understand best practice principles in celebrity-led marketing and the societal trends relating to this Ideation and inspiration: spark new ideas by learning from innovative examples both within and outside of the FMCG industry Improve your decision making: celebrity-backed campaigns can be costly; use this report to understand the new tactics required to achieve success.

Table of Contents :
Overview 1
Catalyst 1
Summary 1
Table of figures 3
TREND: The cult of celebrity has risen to a new level of prominence in recent years 4
Accessibility has redefined the relationship between consumers and celebrities 4
Reality television has made it easier for consumers to identify with celebrities 4
The rise of the cult of celebrity has been epitomized by the emergence of ""nonebrities"" 5
Celebrity gossip magazines have been a visible expression of the fascination with celebrity 6
The Internet offers unparalleled access to celebrity information and can create its own celebrities 6
Increasingly detached, cocooning consumers connect through celebrities 7
""Hiving"" consumers are consuming and sharing celebrity related information 8 Consumers seek escapism from everyday life through celebrity watching 8
Celebrity watching has become a surrogate for family relationships 8
Celebrity Worship Syndrome has become an accepted condition 8
Key take-outs and implications: marketers need to meet consumers' needs for accessibility and information on celebrity endorsees 9
TREND: Celebrity as a marketing tool remains powerful but faces challenges 10
Celebrities in advertising rate more highly than non-celebrities in a similar context 11
Celebrity endorsement elevates awareness of, trust in and persuasiveness of brand messages 11
Celebrity is a projected image easily attached to brands 12
Consumers' ability to identify with celebrities drives their value to marketers 13
Consumers view celebrity endorsement as less effective than retailers do 13
Celebrity-based marketing and branding continues to face several core threats 15
Key take-outs and implicatio ns: celebrity's greatest strength to marketers is the ability to grab attention 15
INSIGHT: Successful celebrity endorsement and branding depends on credibility and authenticity 16
To be successful, the personality of the celebrity must be in sync with the personality of the brand 16
The best endorsement deals equate the product with the appeal of the celebrity 17
Authenticity is key to celebrity-based marketing being effective 17
Celebrity-created brands are at the peak of credibility 18
Association with strong celebrity created brands can generate a halo effect 20
Best practice examples of celebrity marketed brands 20
Key take-outs and implications: Consumers expect authenticity and quality - celebrity endorsement is not an acceptable substitute 22
INSIGHT: ""Celebrity Fatigue"" is affecting the marketability of endorsed brands 23
Consumers are weary of overexposure of celebrities and proliferating celebrity brand extensions 23
Celebrity marketing to children is meeting increasing opposition 23
Key take-outs and implications: consumers are nearing saturation point with celebrity-based marketing 24
INSIGHT: The cult of celebrity has migrated from individuals to actual products 24
Why is this happening? 24
Participation and interaction define consumers' relationship with ""celebrity"" products 25
Key take-outs and implications: brands are transcending the need for humanizing endorsers 26
ACTION: Ensure celebrity endorsement is built on a foundation of solid product ideas 28
Back up celebrity marketing with strong sensory attributes 28
Ensure celebrity endorsees are in sync with core product ideas and values 29
Controversial figures are not necessarily bad for business 29
ACTION: Offer glimpses into celebrities' personal lives 30
Accessibility and direct contact can reinforce the brand message s of both the celebrity and the product 32
ACTION: Exploit the continuing growth in ""branded brands"" 32
ACTION: Bring celebrities into the boardroom to add credibility 33
ACTION: Tap into the next generations of celebrities - experts and ""celebrity"" products 34
Example: within personal care, ""Doctor Brands"" represent the next wave of high credibility endorsements 34
Learn from the example of products that have achieved virtual celebrity status 34
Make celebrities want to be seen with your product 35
Methodology 36
Further reading and references 36
Ask the analyst 36
Consulting 37
Disclaimer 37

List of Figures
Figure 1: Celebrity marketing is driven and inhibited by eight key factors 10
Figure 2: Consumer responses (% of total) to celebrity versus non-celebrity advertising in terms of awareness, likeability and overall liking/reaction to advertisin g 12
Figure 3: Consumer reactions (% of total) to celebrity versus non-celebrity ad messages 14
Figure 4: Authenticity is built on six core attributes 18
Figure 5: Celebrity-created brands case study: Sammy Hagar and Cabo Wabo Tequila 19
Figure 6: Celebrity-created brands case study: Paul Newman and Newman's Own 20
Figure 7: Case Study: Examples from Trendhunter Magazine's Top 10 Celebrity Products of 2007 22
Figure 8: Case study: Apple has emerged as a leader among brands in achieving celebrity status 25
Figure 9: Watchmaker Omega exemplifies successful matching of diverse celebrities to its brand 29
Figure 10: Case Study: Sean John demonstrates that celebrity branding can survive controversy 30
Figure 11: Case Study: AmEx's campaign featuring Ellen Degeneres taps into consumers' desire to know more about stars' personal lives 31
Figure 12: Case Studies: successful examples of celebrity CPG ""branded brands"" 33

More Info:

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Celebrity Fitness in malaysia

Celebrity Fitness pioneered the concept of combining a fitness center and entertainment ambiance in Indonesia. Moreover, Celebrity Fitness contributes tremendously to the increased awareness of health and fitness in its operating markets today. Celebrity's gym experience proved hugely popular, prompting the group to expand its gym network in Jakarta and grow overseas (starting in 2005 with the 1 Utama club in Kuala Lumpur). As the premier regional fitness center, Celebrity Fitness constantly pushes to provide the best service to its members by tailoring programs and offerings for our members' satisfaction.

In December 2007, Navis Capital Partners ("Navis")united withCelebrity Fitness. Navis contributes its various resources to assist Celebrity Fitness as it expands its product offerings in its existing markets and abroad.

Celebrity Fitness is the fastest growing fitness company in Asia with 41,000 active members in Jakarta alone. The clubs in Surabaya, Kuala Lumpur and Penang have been getting enthusiastic, positive feedback from members. Celebrity Fitness enjoys its image as a trendy destination for the vigorous, urban and cosmopolitan community and will continue to strive to provide a multitude of high quality, exciting, and entertaining work-out experiences to our membersno matter what their fitness levels are. Celebrity Fitness launched India with the club at JMD Mall Gurgaon, and will continue to develop the organization and expand our gym network in the near future.

1. Strength

Celebrity fitness have well maintain and modern gym equipment. This will let the customer enjoy the finest equipment at celebrity fitness. Online presence: Each member will have access to shop, schedule and supplement provided online. All scheduling will be automated for fast and efficient communication with the members. Knowledgeable and friendly staff: Celebrity fitness staff consists of professionally trained personnel that have a true passion for helping the customer and caring for the needs of its members. This becomes apparent when you look at the staff's professional background. Clear vision of the market need: Celebrity fitness offer individual membership as well as corporate membership for company. This will create very loyal, passionate members. Celebrity Fitness offer Classes such as Body combat, Kickboxing, Yoga, Street jam, Aerobic and many more new classes. This will keeps members interested and loyalty to the club. Celebrity Fitness offer numerous of gym centre at Klang Valley that located on shopping complex. This will offer flexibility to customer to choose their nearest fitness centre.

1. Weakness

Although Celebrity Fitness has built a loyal following, but the brand is not yet a household name. Celebrity Fitness high membership fees relative to traditional gyms: Celebrity Fitness services may not appeal to potential customers with a limited budget like student and fresh graduate. Celebrity Fitness also inability to work on a high volume business model. Celebrity Fitness also using high costs of attracting a large corporate client. This will decrease the turnover. Celebrity Fitness also encounter high staff turnover because most of the front-line employee are fresh graduate or part-timer Competitors such as Fitness First offer a lot more fitness centre to it member compare with Celebrity Fitness.

2. Celebrity Fitness Core and Supplementary Elements

Core values: a fitness workout place

Supplementary Elements

Payment: Celebrity Fitness offer flexibility of payment for their gym membership. Customer can choose to pay a sum of money by cash for certain year of services or they can subscribe to EPP (easy payment plan) for payment by credit card. Billing: Celebrity Fitness will issue a contract to customer regarding the sum of cash their need to pay for the membership , if by EPP the contract will clear stated the duration and monthly installment. Information: Celebrity Fitness has salesperson located at each of their fitness club, if customer walk-in their will explain the services available like location of each fitness centre, fitness classes available, personal trainer service and pricing. Consultation: Celebrity Fitness has salesperson located at each of their fitness club, member will get consultation whether their current weight is health or not, what fitness classes fit them, which fitness centre nearest to them, personal trainer services their required and price that meet their need. Hospitality: Celebrity Fitness required their staff to be dressed in formal in order to show respect toward their customer, speaking in a polite manner and also language that customer comfortable. Safekeeping: Celebrity Fitness offers a free locker for the member to keep their belonging while gym at the fitness centre. Exceptions: Besides fitness place like gym, classes and kickboxing: Celebrity Fitness also offer exception like steam room and sauna room for the member at rest room.

3. Celebrity Fitness Services Marketing Mix: "8Ps"

Product elements: Celebrity Fitness objective is offer a place for customer to fitness workout. Besides the core value, Celebrity Fitness also provided supplementary services like fitness classes, personal training services, free drinking machine, sauna room, steam room and swimming pool. Place and time: Celebrity Fitness has 8 fitness centers at Klang valley that strategic located at shopping complex. This will easy for member to choose which nearest to their home or work place. The operating of Celebrity Fitness is from 6am to 12 pm, this will enable member to visit the fitness centre at their convenience time. Promotion and education: Celebrity Fitness had been doing promotion with banner and flyer at their fitness centre. On banner and flyer it also stated the membership plan. Besides this they also doing promotion on Face book, Friendster and twitter: regarding their membership plan, answering feedback from user, latest promotion and fitness classes schedule from them. Price and other user outlays: Celebrity Fitness offer special discount for student and corporate customer. Customer also can choose to pay full amount in cash or EPP by credit card. Besides this, personal trainer also will be provided at discounted price and member will enjoy discounted price for buying supplement product. Physical environment: Celebrity Fitness create very sporty and celebrity image for their member. All the equipment provides are in good condition and modern. The fitness centre equipped with comfortable lightning, suitable music and TV program. All staff will be dressed in formal. Process: Celebrity Fitness also provided member with instruction how to body building or slimming program. Member also can give their feedback regarding the club operation. Each machine with given instruction to use of the fitness machine or equipment and make sure the equipment is up-to- date. People- Celebrity Fitness staff had certified trainer certificate that approved by international body, this will ensure all information member get is professional. Team building also been implement by Celebrity Fitness to ensure smooth team work to serve the customer better. Productivity and Quality: Celebrity Fitness management always will be on fitness centre to monitoring the member behavior and what is their want or need. Continuous improved had been done to improved the services quality like member will enjoy discount benefit from selected retailed in the shopping complex. The fitness equipment is up-to-date and fitness classes are what the member wants.

4. Area of improvements needed

Changing room: changing room section need to be more hygiene by implement a schedule of cleaning for every 1 hour. Secured-locker system: Currently Celebrity Fitness provide locker but member need to bring along lock. So Celebrity fitness needs to implement secured-locker system for it member that just need to flash their card at locker to lock. By implement this can ensure that the locker is more secured and avoid hijacking by thief. Bathroom area: management need to be more cautious about the facilities provided, by having a routine check-up, maintaining the liquid inside the shampoo liquid machine and make sure each of the bathrooms consist of soap holder. Bathroom area needs to confirm with water supplying and if the issue really unavoidable, management need to inform the member before they enter Celebrity fitness. Gym area: Frequently check about the weight machine and weight equipment is very important because it can avoid the machine/equipment breakdown that causing inconvenience to it club member and wasting their time. The duration to fix up the spoil machine/equipment is very important, so the management need to set a faster time frame to repair each of the machine/ equipment. General facilities: General facilities need improvement in swimming pool, towel services and indoor studio. At the start swimming pool need to be more hygiene and the level of chlorine amount need to fill accordingly the international standard because if more will bring harm to club member skin or hair. So a routine check up for swimming pool must be handling carefully to avoid dissatisfaction to club member. Besides this, the towel provided to member need to be at good condition, clean and without stink on it. By this, it will increase the satisfaction of member because it creates a good feeling when using the tower. At last the indoor studio needs to be increase the space because to meet the demand of member that wants to attend the class. With this, all members can attend the class and it will increase the satisfaction of member. Services and security: Free juice services must be included at Celebrity fitness because it will increase the image of Celebrity fitness that always provided add-on services to its member and really care about the member satisfaction. Besides this, the frontline staffs at Celebrity fitness needs to attend training regarding customer services because it will improve the front line staff in "customer first" attitude. By training and free juice it will increase satisfaction of club member. At last for security concern Celebrity fitness need to implement a computerized automated gate at the club entry because it can block unauthorized person to enter the club that will bring harm to the club member. With security tighten up, the club member will be feeling more safety when doing their work-out and it surely will increase the satisfaction of club member.

5. Comparison study

Fitness first is a major player for fitness industry in Malaysia. Comparisons have been made make between fitness first and celebrity fitness. The finding shows fitness first offer something that have been miss out or not on par by celebrity fitness:

11 clubs at Klang valley compare with Celebrity fitness only have 8 clubs. This will let customer feel Fitness first have more option to choose and more convenience. Personalized audio visual entertainment. Whether you enjoy watching music videos, news or the latest sporting event. Celebrity fitness also offer audio visual entertainment but cant personalized and just can watch what they offer. This will let customer feel Fitness first have more option to choose and fulfill their needs. Member lounge & juice bar: place to unwind after your workout. Relax, read the papers, chat with other members and friends as well as enjoy complimentary soft drinks, tea and coffee in the members' lounge for free. Celebrity fitness doesn't offer any of free drink or lounge. This exception sure will increase loyalty of Fitness First member and attract more customers to them. DVD & VCD rental: Fitness first is the first chain of health clubs to introduce a members' complimentary DVD/VCD facility. Today, members have a choice of over 500 top movie titles to choose from at absolutely no cost. Videos are provided on a 48-hour loan service and all need is your membership card. Celebrity fitness doesn't offer these services. This exception sure will make the customer happier of Fitness First because they do something of the expectation. Security: For the convenience and safety of Fitness First members, all entries to the clubs are based on computerized automated gates where only members can access the clubs by swiping their membership cards at the gates. Celebrity fitness doesn't offer these services. This safekeeping will increase the Fitness First member trust. Online customize program: Fit Sync offers the security of your own personalized account and verification password. Whether it is verifying your own sessions, tracking session balances on-line or through electronic mail updates or monitoring your Personal Training package validity, Fit Sync is the online system to help you plan and get the most from your Personal Training program. Celebrity fitness doesn't offer these services. The hospitality of this program is something Celebrity Finest need to learn about it.

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