Celebrating Children?s Day Throughout The World

While planning our next terms activities with our guiding unit, one of the guides suggested that we celebrate Childrens Day on June 1stas her family does in Poland. She told us this is a day when parents give children gifts, schools put on special events such as outdoor plays or field trips, special food is prepared and it is generally classed as a Holiday.

This prompted me to research into how Childrens Day is celebrated throughout the world. All around the world, Childrens Day is celebrated at different times and in different ways. Other countries that celebrate Childrens Day on June 1stinclude Russia, Slovakia, Switzerland and the Czech Republic.

Childrens Day in January: On the second Saturday in January, Thailand celebrate their National Childrens Day. Children are looked on as valuable resources of the nation and are encouraged to take part in the celebrations. It is usually a custom each year for the Prime Minster to give Childrens Day a theme. Also, to prepare themselves to be strong for their nation, children are taught to be disciplined, diligent and serious about their studies. They learn about keeping their country clean, respecting the natural environment and behaving in a worthy manner to promote prosperity for their country.

In March, Childrens Day is celebrated on the 21stin Tunisia when childrens rights are respected, it is remembered that children are the builders of the future and child-centred events and activities are enjoyed.

April 23rdis known officially as National Sovereignty and Childrens Day in Turkey when ceremonies and events throughout the country celebrate children. Schools are decorated and children wear special outfits. Also, during their annual international Childrens Day Festival, children from different countries march through the streets of towns and cities in their national dress, performing native dances. Mexico also celebrate Childrens Day (El Dia Del Nino) at the end of April.

In May Childrens Day (Kodomo no hi) which is a national holiday is celebrated on the 5th, in Japan when the focus is on children while mothers too are honoured. May 5thwas traditionally Boys Day in Japan and families might hang carp kites or carp-shaped streamers outside their houses for each son. The carp (or koi) represents strength, courage and determination in Japan. Boys might also wear a Samurai helmet, symbolizing strength and courage on Childrens Day.

Japanese Girls Day is traditionally March 3rdwhich is when sets of hina dolls are displayed around the house representing the parents wishes for their daughters to live a happy and healthy life. Childrens events are held on May 5thincluding a Kids Olympics at the National Kasumigaoka Stadium in Tokyo.

The Spanish also celebrate children in May, usually the second Sunday of the month. In Sweden, Childrens Day is celebrated on May 13thand also observed in October.

It was in 1925 that the World Conference for the Well being of Children in Geneva, Switzerland announced June 1stto be International Childrens day. This holiday is celebrated on 1stJune every year in Slovakia. It is usually marked with speeches on children's rights and wellbeing, parties and family activities dedicated to children.

Childrens Day during the Latter Half of the Year: July 24this when Childrens Day is celebrated in Vanuata. Marches are held along with speeches and other activities celebrating a childs right to express their opinions.

In August, Childrens Day is celebrated in Uruguay when parents, aunts and uncles give children presents

September 9this when Childrens Day is celebrated in Costa Rica while in El Salvador the celebration takes place on October 1st. On November 20thfestivals and activities for children are celebrated in Egypt while Finland too, marks Childrens Day in November. In Suriname Universal Childrens Day will be celebrated on November 20th, this year. The United Nations, by the resolution of the national assembly in 1954 proclaimed 20thNovember as Universal Childrens Day.

Throughout the world our children are celebrated in different ways, either with their own special National or International Day or as some countries who do not have a specific date for the celebration will say: every day is Childrens Day. To see the real objective of celebrating Childrens Day fulfilled, the rights of the child should be observed every day of the year, all around the world.







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