Winner of Celebrity Apprentice

Who Won Celebrity Apprentice?

For those wanting to know "who won Celebrity Apprentice" in last night's Finale, Donald Trump finally erased any doubt when he told Bret Michaels he was "hired" in Sunday's finale of the reality show. For those not only wanting to know "who won Celebrity Apprentice", you may additionally be curious as to what the prize may have been. The "who won Celebrity Apprentice" episode (my title) winner received $250,000 for his charity of choice, the American Diabetes Association. The runner-up, Holly Peete, ended up receiving the same amount and she revealed that her charity was for autism.

Bret Michaels Sentimental Favorite

The final result of the "who won Celebrity Apprentice" episode was really no suprise since everyone knew Bret Michaels was going to be the sentimental favorite since he suffered a brain hemorrhage in April and was hospitalized again after suffering what doctors called a warning stroke. The media had a "field month" with all the updates that millions of fans of Bret Michaels and of the show wanted to know continually how he was doing. The frontman for the band Poison now faces surgery for a hole in his heart. Now that it is no secret as to who won Celebrity Apprentice 2010, the question "who won Celebrity Apprentice" for 2011 still remains.

TV Ratings

This is the 3rd year of Celebrity Apprentice and probably the third time people have inquired hours and days later, "who won Celebrity Apprentice", since ths show has captured a viewing audience of 12 million on it season finale. The 12.1 million viewers overall scored NBC's highest 18-49 rating in this slot in six months. This was the top-scoring finale in any of "The Apprentice" shows. Both adults 18-49 and total viewers since the conclusion of "The Apprentice 4" on December. Last night's "who won Celebrity Apprentice" finale was up 41 percent in 18-49 rating and 51 percent in total viewers.

Product Bret Michaels Concocted

According to, in last night's finale:

"Bret and Holly both lead their teams to create marketing and advertising campaigns for their new flavors of Snapple drink. Bret had Summer Sanders and Daryl Strawberry on his team, while Holly worked with Maria Kanellis and Curtis Stone.

While Bret was preparing to give his Snapple presentation, his daughter Rayne came in and surprised him. Michaels then appeared to stumble a little while doing his speech, but when he spotted his daughter in the audience, he remembered why he was there in the first place" on this wonderful episode I personally entitled "who won Celebrity Apprentice?"

Right before Donald Trump announced who won Celebrity Apprentice, Cyndi Lauper performed her new song, "I'm Just a Fool for You."

Past Winners of Celebrity Apprentice

Are you wondering who won Celebrity Apprentice in previous years? Here is a listing:

2009: Who Won Celebrity Apprentice? Joan Rivers

2008: Who Won Celebrity Apprentice? Piers Morgan

2007: Who Won Celebrity Apprentice? Stefai Schaeffer (click here) to see the rest.


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