Free Download Full Album ADELE - 21 (2011)

ADELE - 21 (2011)
Free full album download Adele - 21new album from British singer.

1. "Rolling in the Deep"
2. "Rumour Has It"
3. "Turning Tables"
4. "Don't You Remember"
5. "Set Fire to the Rain"
6. "He Won't Go"
7. "Take It All"
8. "I'll Be Waiting"
9. "One and Only"
10. "Lovesong"
11. "Someone Like You"

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Free Download Avril Lavigne Album 2011 (Goodbye Lullaby)

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Avril Lavigne, singer from Canada early in March yesterday exactly 2nd March 2011 was just released the new album. Her new album titled "Goodbye Lullaby".

In this album most every song were created by Avril Lavigne alone, and only a few were created along with another person. Song that performed is also seemed more relax, so different to some previous albums.
In this new album, Avril Lavigne also include one of the song from the soundtrack film "Alice in Wonderland" that is "Alice".
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1. "Black Star"

2. "What the Hell"

3. "Push"

4. "Wish You Were Here"
5. "Smile"
6. "Stop Standing There"
7. "I Love You"
8. "Everybody Hurts"
9. "Not Enough"
10. "4 Real"
11. "Darlin"
12. "Remember When"
13. "Goodbye"
14. "Alice" (extended version)

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