Travel All Over The Globe On Celebrity Cruises? Transatlantic Tours

Celebrity Cruises will provide you with different cruise experiences by reaching other places far and wide. Aside from typical Caribbean tours. Celebrity Cruises will bring you to Alaska, Canada, Bahamas, Bermuda, Panama and the Pacific Coasts. If you prefer to ride on board Celebrity Cruises that will cross the Atlantic to reach places as far as Spain, Portugal, The Azores, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Holland, Rome and other key locations in Europe, then choose from the Celebrity Cruises that offer Transatlantic Tours.

Celebrity Cruises Transatlantic Tours

Celebrity Cruises for transatlantic travels means you will be spending 14 or more nights of traveling to visit different European destinations. There are several Celebrity Cruises scheduled to ply the Atlantic Ocean, departing at different ports both coming from Europe on the way to Miami or those leaving Miami, en route to Europe.

So if youre about to book any of the Celebrity Cruises for Transatlantic Tours, checkout the dates, the cruise ship and the different ports to make sure youre booking the right cruise ship that will depart nearest your point of origin. Besides, every cruise ship has their own destination points so you have to double check if you are making reservations for the right Transatlantic tour.

Take note that Transatlantic Tours are for one-way trips only. You will have to arrange for air fares as part of your travel package in case you intend to make your way back earlier than the scheduled return trip of the Celebrity Cruise ship. Check out the Celebrity Cruises website for best deals or you can buy your air fare ticket direct from the airlines if this will prove to be much cheaper.

Different Celebrity Cruises Bound for Transatlantic Destinations

Celebrity Century- This cruise ship is scheduled to leave Miami, Florida for Celebrity Cruises bound for Ponta Delgada, Azores, Lisbon, Portugal, Seville, Spain, Malaga, Spain with final port of call at Barcelona, Spain. Its a 14-night travel with one-way ocean fare prices starting at $799.

Celebrity Constellation is a 13-night sea travel scheduled for an Eastbound Transatlantic Cruise that will leave Miami, Florida bound for Paris, France, Dover, England, Amsterdam, Holland, and Hamburg, Germany with one-way ocean fare prices starting at $899.

Celebrity Equinox will leave Fort Lauderdale, Miami en route to Ponta Delgada, Azores, Lisbon, Portugal, Seville , Spain, Barcelona, Spain, Nice , France, and Rome, Italy for a 14-night Transatlantic cruise which starts with a one-way ocean fare of $999.

You will enjoy your travel days at sea while on board the Celebrity Cruises in its newly revitalized form. About 314 staterooms have been refurbished with newly installed private verandas for your viewing pleasure while riding the waves of the deep blue ocean. Relax and unwind at piano bars or cocktail lounges or have a lively evening at the upper deck disco.

Have different dining pleasures in the Grand dining room area or in other specialty restaurants to suit everybodys tastes. Other activities include different mind enriching experience from culinary arts, to wine tasting to highly entertaining lessons about astronomy and star gazing. Chapel services are also provided for your spiritual enhancements.

All cruise ships of Celebrity Cruises will provide you access to Internet stations where you can be in constant touch with families and friends via email or chat. Find your ultimate relaxation in the cruise ships Aqua Spa where you will experience therapeutic massages applied in rituals inspired by different exotic cultures.

Different destinations will provide you with different enriching experiences. One such example is Civitavecchia in Rome, Italy where you will uncover a lot of historical data through guided Celebrity Cruises guided tours. You may be interested in visiting the magical charms of the stalagmites and stalactites of Malaga found in the Caves of Nerja. Celebrity Cruises are well known for imparting different knowledge; hence there is a lot to be learned from every port of call you will visit.. What the Prices Include and Exclude in Celebrity Cruises Fare Offers:

The quoted prices will include shipboard accommodations based on your choice of stateroom, one-way ocean fare, main meals, selected beverages and access to almost all entertainment facilities on board the cruise ship. However it does not include air fares for your return trip, transfer to returning cruise liners, shore excursion guided tours, specialty restaurant meals including specialty beverages, photographs, medical services, spa services and gratuities or minor fees.

You can check out their prices by logging in to their website and by indicating the specific travel destination. Better yet, order to download a brochure for any of the Celebrity Cruises you have chosen so you will have an idea as to how much to set aside in planning your Transatlantic Tours via the Celebrity Cruises.

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