How to Make Dubstep | What's the best Dubstep software?

Now is a great time to learn how to make Dubstep. The average home computer has more than enough power to run really professional software and the price of sequencers is coming down all the time. Dubstep is massive now and many people who were previous unknowns are finding fame and respect by producing their own music from home. If you want to learn how to make Dubstep you first need to find a sequencer that fills your needs.

The important questions to ask yourself when buying a sequencer to make Dubstep are:

Is this software suitable to make dubstep and other urban type music?
Will I be able to use the software?
What play back quality does this software output?

There are various music sequencers on the market some are designed with specific styles of music in mind whilst others are more general in use. Software specifically designed for Dubstep will include samples and beat patterns suitable for use in Dubstep and other urban music forms like Jungle, Grime etc. When you buy a sequencer designed for a specific music style or set of music styles it makes it much easier to produce that type of music rather than buying a generic music sequencer. However you must be aware that you will also be limited by this to some degree if you want to produce music from an unsupported genre. Realistically though this probably won't be a problem as your best chance of success is to specialise in one area.
The second question relates to how difficult the Dubstep software is to use. Of course you can learn to use any sequencer but some are definitely targeted towards expert users. Some of the sequencers available have an enormous amount of features which can be quite daunting for a new or intermediate user. The good news is that many of these features are not needed in the production of Dubstep so you can often just ignore them or buy (cheaper) software without so many functions. Dubstep is actually a fairly simple music to produce and therefore professional results can be obtained with fairly basic equipment. I know for a fact that many of the biggest Dubstep anthems were produced with simple software.

The third question when looking for Dubstep software is of fundamental importance. Don't make the same mistake I did (more of that in a minute). With the high-end software this isn't a problem as there are many output options for your tracks. However with some of the cheaper Dubstep software the output is low quality. They use mp3's for the samples which gives you low quality sounds which cannot be played in clubs or on the radio or sold on download sites. If your goal is to produce music that can be played by DJ's you need to make sure the software you use can produce high quality.wav files. I learnt the hard way unfortunately. I made a killer track using an online sequencer which my friends went crazy over in my bedroom. The problem was I couldn't play it in my DJ set as it was too low quality - and for Dubstep, which is meant to be played loud that is so important. I had to remake the tune on a different sequencer and it took me ages. The track still kills it when I drop it in my set though.

So there are some of the important things to focus on when you are learning how to make Dubstep. Remember software has come down in price a lot in the past few years and you may be able to get something really professional for less than you imagined. Nothing is more exciting than seeing a crowd go wild to your own music so learn how to make Dubstep today.

Learn How to Make Dubstep today.

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