Dubkidz Overview

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Hello everybody, This is friendly C.E.O Mikal Laster. For those of you who don't know, I am the Owner and C.E.O of Dubkidz Clothing. I had started this company a couple months ago, and It seems the more exposure and fame the brand gets, the more curious people and questions follow with it. This has gotten so routine that, answering questions like, "What is Dubkidz" or "what does it stand for "has been a small part of my life. That being said, What really is Dubkidz, and what does it do ?

If you haven't caught on already, you should know by now that music is a huge part of Dubkidz. The clothing line aspect of this company is created through inspiration from wide varieties of music. Contrary to what a lot of people assume, There is no complex process that goes into effect to create T shirts and other Designs. Whenever I need to make a new t shirt, I just blast the cleanest electronic music and enter the realm of creation. A lot of things inspire me in this world, as do a lot of things out of it.

Right now, We are an upcoming Clothing line, and our plan is to take the world by a storm to become an international brand, but what sets us apart from all the other so called "clothing lines" is that we are a legitimate company, and we are very business oriented. We are all about marketing and promotion. We mainly involve ourselves in music promotion. Our focus is talented upcoming artists that have the potential to go big, but are not getting the credit, and or publicity they deserve. We mainly promote Dubstep, Drum and Bass, and Electro house music, but we are also open towards other genre artists as long as they got the skills. Our goal is to promote Dubkidz through the power of music, and promote artists through the power of Dubkidz






We hope this gives you an idea about who we are and lets and what our intentions are, but rest assured that this is not all. There is so much more coming up, so watch out for us in the future

In the mean time Check out the official website here

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