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Toystep is a musical sub-genre of Dubstep which originates from London. It's popularity began to rise in the early 2000s with the emergence of new groups and bands such as Partyshank, Toys with Knives and Illegal Music. Toystep also has a vast following in Asian countries such as Japan and China, which have produced artists such as Xinon. Toystep is typically 120-140 bpm and consist of low resolution synthesizers and basses to produce a cliche computer game sound. Some artists have also been known to experiment with children's toy instruments as a way of emphasizing the toy element of the genre.

Up until the early 2000s, Toystep was fairly unheard of but bands such as Partyshank and Illegal Music have been supported by both BBC local and mainstream DJ's and has also been brought into the limelight by fellow companions from the Dubstep scene.Illegal Music have had various tracks from their forthcoming EP and LP and have performed at prestigious e vent such as Wembley Arena, MOBO and Screen Nation Events.Their tracks 'Goa' 'Malia' and the lead track from the Toy Music EP 'Community Feds' have all been played by BBC Radio and both their LP and EP have received positive reviews from critics.Partyshank are also a band which has some major success in the recent years in 2008 their band was named the number one band of 2008 by a survey from MySpace predicting the next big bands of 2008. Also they were predicted act to watch out for in 2008 by BIGSTEREO and have supported artists such as the Foals, Chromeo, Crystal Castles and Hadouken!

Illegal Music Records

Illegal Music Records is the record label started by Toystep group 'Illegal Music' it is home to Toystep pioneers such as Zootey, Legoman and Illegal Music themselves.The label has currently released Illegal Music's first E.P 'An Introduction to toystep - (The Remixes)' which saw the group remix many UK and US artist's track's such as Jai Paul, Luc y Rose and Jamie Woon. The E.P generated around 20,000 views on youtube and was put up for free download on Media fire. Zootey and Legoman are currently set to release their E.Ps in 2011 and all artist's are getting ready to release albums in 2012. Illegal Music Records Artists.

Illegal Music

Illegal Music is a project which consist of DJ Retro,Crazyharmonica and DJ Mowgz.They recently have been working with the 'Toystep' genre previously started by Partyshank but much recently neglected by the scene in the recent years.Illegal Music have currently produced an L.P and E.P both available for release in 2011.Toy Music is set to be the first release from their independent record label,the E.P contains 10 toystep orientated tracks and the lead track 'Community Feds' which has been played and supported by BBC Introducing and has been receiving strong positive feedback from both the general public and critics.The project has already received million hits on their internet sites such as 'Myspace' and 'Wordpress' and have developed a strong public following which has lead to them being tipped by many to be the breakthrough act of 2011.


Legoman is a project which consists of va rious producers/musicians and DJ's from the Toy-step scene. Legoman has worked with Toy-step pioneers such as Illegal music and are also quickly becoming a leading figure head in the Toystep' genre themselves. Legoman are in the process of producing a 10 track toystep orientated E.P self-en titled 'Legoman'; the E.P is being released under illegal music records and is due for release in early 2011. Legoman has done various regional shows across the in and around the UK and have developed a strong cult of listeners who have embrace there Toy-step sounds and culture. Legoman have being supported by BBC introducing and their E.P has been dubbed, the best of toy-step' by critics. They have also received large scale views on internet sites such as MySpace and Flickr.

Illegal Music

Zootey is a pioneer and leading figure head of the Toystep genre.As well as producing Toystep music Zootey performs as a live musician and also DJ's. Zootey has a heavy musical inf luence and plays the piano. Zootey has a unique and distinctive voice which listeners immediately recognize, and his music's has been played across London on various local radio stations. He has performed in various parts of London including Hammersmith, Balham, Finsbury Park. Zootey is currently working on his debut E.P for 2011.



Illegal Music - An Introduction to Toystep(The Remixes) - Free Download

Zootey - 'Toy Zoots' The E.P

Legoman - Legoheadz The E.P

Illegal Music - Toy Music - The E.P

Illegal Music - Gassed - The E.P


Illegal Music - Album - To be confirmed

Legoman - Album - To be confirmed

Zootey - Album - To be confirmed

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