Grooving to the Beat - Yumla Bar

Packed most days of the week with the artistic crowd of Hong Kong, the Yumla Bar is known as a great place to enjoy underground music genres where one can dance and have a great time with friends. It is the only place in Hong Kong that is committed to playing and promoting daring music such as techno, minimal techno, dubstep, jungle, electro, hip hop, punk, tech-house, electro, base, drum'n base and non mainstream club music since it opened in 2003.

It is actively interested in encouraging the creative aspects of its patrons and educating them in this genre of music by promoting and hosting countless events, even sponsoring articles on the underground music genres in the Hong Kong Juice magazine. The club's music policy has been to feature local artistes and DJs alongside well known international DJs in the genres. Yumla's special brand of music is now streamed and can be accessed in real time from anywhere in the world. Yumla records, featuring selections of the music played in the club, is available on Beatport, the world's largest music store for DJs.

The Yumla Bar's vibe, casual and warm is like belonging to a community and resonates with the youthful crowd that throngs its premises. It can get very crowded as the evening progresses with patrons overflowing onto the steps outside the club and even on to the nearby park. Free wireless internet access is available to those who want to use it.

A freshly painted black wall inside the club and silver markers are provided to guests to leave their comments and artistic offerings. The club actively encourages anyone with any artistic talent to change its faade a couple of times a year with inspired art.

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