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A Quick Descripton

Spy software is basically an app that you install on a cell phone that allows you to monitor a phone's activities. Depending on the spy software download you select are the features you get. In this spy software review we at Spy Software Download Site looked at three catagories.

features Ease of use Cost

What Our Spy Software Review Found

It used to be that getting your hands on a spy software download site that would allow you to download an app to monitor a phones activities was reserved for the rich or an agency identified by 3 letters such as CIA. Now that technology has moved forward things have changed. You can get do a spy software download for anywhere from 100's of dollars to around 30 dollars.

The first step in our spy software review was to eliminate all candidates that cost more than 100 dollars and this reduced the field of potential software downloads in half. We also, during the spy software review, eliminated all spy software downloads that had a reoccuring fee. Why pay through the nose for features you will never use.

Last we eliminated spy software downloads that were detecable to a tech savey phone user. Our spy software review sought only those apps that were comnpletely invisible to the user of the phone.

Our Spy Software Review Looked At The Laws

The last step in our spy software review was to make sure that the spy software download was legal and that it instructed the users of the spy software on how to legally use their product. You are not permitted to install and use spy software on cell phones that you do not own.

Our Spy Software Review Pick

One spy software app stood out above the rest and that was Spybubble. It was Spy Software Download Site's top selection because the price at the time of our review was $59 with no reoccuring fees. It was completely invisible and undetectable for the user of the phone.

Here are some of the positve features that helped us select it as our winner.

Insallation was very quick and easy The Spy Software was completely undetectable It tracked the physical location of the phone It kept a record of all calls made from the phone It kept track of when the phone calls were made It tracked the number of the phone's that were called It tracked the names of the people called if they were in the phones contacts You could listen in on the phone when a call was bing made

Here Are The Draw Backs

You must own the phone you install the spy software on You cannot monitor the phone directly from your cell phone unless you have access to the internet on your phone. The spy software is not free it cost around $59

All in all we at Spy Software Download Site agree that fo anyone who is seriously considering purchasing soy software to monitor a phone they own, whether it is you kid's, spouse's or employees, you should check out Spybubble.

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