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Today, in all fields we apply computer technology. Nowadays computers are used in almost all industries. That is why computer users are increased from day to day. For students, computers take the place of typewriters in writing their reports or term papers.For office workers, they find that computers automate the manual processes.

In computer, different processes can be coordinated by programs. These programs which are created for proper computer functioning can be downloaded from internet. Very first off, we have to understand two types of software download. These are shareware and freeware software.

a) Shareware software

These are the programs which can be downloaded free for trial. This trial version has only a limited number of functions. For utilizing the program with full functional capacity, you must buy it.

b) Freeware software

These are the programs which can be downloaded for free. So person doesn't need to pay in order to download and use. Free computer software is now a popular trend. But it is a backdoor for the malicious applications to enter into the PC. So believe only in trusted free software download sites.

Open source software is also known as freeware. This is because open-source software for use with other people and the public was made to be shared. Code was used to make the program a person often involves a time after downloading an open source software for the program could be improved. There are many types of open source software programs. There is an open source text (which works like Word), among others, an open source photo editor and editor.

To download any kind of software click free software download.

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