Lady Gaga's Meat Outfit

This year, Lady Gaga won the eight MTV Video Music Awards. The 11.4 millions audiences rating of this year is higher than that of last year just because one lady and one dress. That's Lady Gaga and her meat dress.

There are so many argumentations about her dress online, such as Lady Gaga's Meat Dress: Offensive or Awesome? But Lady Gaga herself admitted that this dress has itself symbolic meaning. She said that the dress doesn't show any disrespect to vegetarians. You know, I am not afraid of being judged. But tonight, for me, if we don't stand up for our belief, if we don't stick up for our rights, we will soon be trampled down as the meat. But I am not the meat.

But what's the inspiration of the meat dress? When Lady Gaga contacted with her fashion consultant, they were designed a series of bikini which are made of meat. And Lady Gaga asked them to design her dress by meat. And she will wear the astonishing to attend the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards.

Let's get more details about the meat dress. Lady Gaga's stylist Franc Fernandez answered reporter's questions about the meat dress. The following is a general record of the interview.

Re: What's the final weight of the dress? Fernandez: It is rather heavy, about forty pounds.

Re: Does it bleed? Fernandez: Not at all! The meat was very clean and sturdy. It is a kind of meant for barbecue. It won't lose shape.

Re: Does it have any queer taste? Fernandez: No, it smells very nice, a sweet odor.

Re: Did you use refrigerator to store the dress? Fernandez: It was cold fresh meat when purchased and kept it under refrigeration. The meat dress totally took three days.

Re: Does it go off? Fernandez: Yes, it will dry out instead of becoming putrid, just like dried beef. But it shouldn't be worn again.

Re: How to cut off the dress? Fernandez: They just seamed the dress with needle and thread.
Re: What the feeling when she worn the meat dress? Gaga: At the beginning, she feels a little cold.
Re: How did she put on the dress? Does it need to seam after put on? Fernandez: Yes, She put on it from the below part. And some parts need to be sewn up. I was just behind the scenes.

Will Lady Gaga put the meat dress in storeroom as other dresses? Fernandez: I thought it isn't suitable to keep for long. Actually, she likes the dress very much! She likes new ideas and any changes.

During Hollywood, the meat dress of Lady Gaga was followed by many netizenes. But there are still many people who are against it, such as the chairman of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals thought that this is the symbol of declining for her career. But how do you think about the Lady Gaga's meat dress?

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