Watch Out For These Danger Signs When Choosing An Easy Shopping Cart Software

Before you decide on which easy shopping cart software to choose to build your online store, you may want to consider watching out for these danger signs.

Free Now?

You may come across a few shopping cart software that is completely 'free'. The truth of the matter is that nothing is really free out there. What I have discovered is that the shopping cart software may be free but you may want to check whether you are able to use all the features that is important for the running of your online store or not. Or do you have to end up paying to use different features on a monthly basis? That would be more troublesome and it could end up costing you more money in the long run.

Really Cheap?

Other than getting something free, most people would try to look for cheap shopping cart software to use. Now this would be reasonable if not for the fact that you may end up getting less profit. Check to make sure that the service provider does not take a chunk out of your profit whenever a customer makes a purchase from your store. If your store has a lot of sales, then the service provider ends up making quite a lump sum from part of your profits. I would advise that you go for an ecommerce shopping cart that does not take any percentage from your payment transactions. That way you could keep your profits since you are going to pay the service provider a monthly subscription fee.

It Costs To Ask For Help

When setting up your own online store, you may encounter a bunch of problems which will require you to contact the shopping cart provider's technical support team or customer service. Please check to ensure that the cart you are planning to use does not charge you for contacting their technical support. You do not want to be caught off guard and end up having to pay more money for asking for help from them. Which by the way, is rather ridiculous since you are already paying a monthly subscription fee to them. Clarifying this will save you a lot of headaches in the long run as you will need to contact technical support for help some way or another to clarify stuff.


These are just some of the danger signs that I could warn new online users or merchants to watch out for before they choose any shopping cart software to use. It's not only the pricing that you need to consider but all the other nifty things that these providers may want to charge you for that could really add up later on.

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