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The leading of the social networking site Facebook music is still can ring mad? China's everyone nets last night, grabbed global social networking site first after initiation, happy nets also gaining momentum. But as the micro bo, geographical position LBS (applications) and other new social product after the upper, social networking site era, guild wars years of traditional social networking sites listed capital rodeos, needs to refer to carve up territory. On the other hand, social networking websites leading Web2.0 era river, end position established four portal as a representative of Web1.0 era.

Social networking site name

Despite of sohu chairman before expressed his views "everyone nets only concept, but Wall Street like Facebook" investors of disappointed again let Wall Street turned down many times (sohu bombardments of share price).

In fact, this is not sohu a awkward, old game overlord, are working to create entertainment empire in the grand ChenTianQiao also chairman of recently expressed domestic capital market will return the grand will. Analytic personage points out, a dozen years compared with the existing concept and the game concept doors media, everyone nets, Facebook's social networking site concept is more originality and teaser.

The industry, it was common belief with Web2.0 Web1.0 matchups. With foreign yahoo, domestic sina four portal as a representative of the first Internet portal media properties, the tide of the Web1.0 wind, strong ability to collect information and push attracted users, also power them grow into the industry giant.

But years geomantic turn by turns, 2005, becoming the social networking site, before and after the video website, with more exalted Web2.0 banner began GongChengLveDe the temperament of close to people. Social networking site stressing social attribute, video website of be particular about sharing fun, focus on the user generated content, quickly captured user convenience, and successively obtain capital's approval.

First last year 6 nets miniaturization, cool music video website actor, best one such capital markets, and optimal actor landed in 50 billion market value stability now, despite more than $the controversial, but prices were too high by the excellent actor, as a representative of the video website can grow as Internet tycoon still make many veteran giant feels the pressure. Everyone in the city yesterday released online to see, century signal better margins, happy nets will follow suit.

The personage inside course of study says, "look at remarked now called the titans send force business, you will know that social networking sites." what the glamour

Reporter discovery, at present sina access sohu, tencent, the business focus on both generic social business. Sina CaoGuoWei and got the CEO will attend the event said editor, has even slightly Po business set up the special division and company to operations. Even if chairman MaHuaTeng didn't personally go into battle, tencent in micro Po business on the glass is also known as sina. Not content to degenerate into the sohu also supporting himself by "a hand" Titus of $6 billion DuZhan cash to battle. Even the small netease, movement both grand and baidu also the layout of related products.

The entire Internet industry speaking, social networking websites, micro bo, instant messaging software, and even video website belong to the extensive social networking products. Orthodox online social networking site everyone brings the whole industry chain, undoubtedly, or exit or death reaction, BieWuChuLu spell.

Now capital watershed

Early in the listed relevant principals before it, and everyone nets said the agency from softbank before more than $4 billion financing basic was not moved, the financing all ablut?Last night, everyone nets listed information display, IPO 5310 million shares ADS, financing 7.4 billion dollars. Scored so many financing amount, according to everyone nets prospectuses statement, including $180 million for r&d and technology investment, 1.8 billion dollars in sales and marketing activities, the rest for general purposes, possibly for strategic acquisitions and investment.

In fact, everyone has reached the recent IPO net Internet companies listed the financing to far beyond the most, already in the nyse listing JiHu 360 (2 billion), dangdang network (2 billion), best actor (1.5 million) and plan the nets qin (listed enterprises such as $75 million).

In most professionals opinion, get money is beneficial to its own development, and for the enterprise, it listed upfront greater significance lies in awe rivals. "Capital market exists' winners, the concept of party armored 'if we won the financing, means too much competition without money can get." The above analysts told reporters.

And it was at everyone online city, its main competitors before the vocal happy nets held twice already announced conference and sentencing of China's Internet anti-unfair competition first case - "true happy nets case" continue to appeal to the supreme people's court. Although happy nets vice President GuoWei all flatly denied "time selection and everyone online relevant municipal", but still triggering widespread speculation.

But now it seems that also listed news out of the happy time in financing amount and net on late step.

Listed unsolved malaises

Even made time and capital advantage, everyone nets may not ultimately successful. "Look from growth, and everyone nets growth is in passive situation." Analysys international analysts DongXu demonstrates a data.

In the first quarter of this year Chinese social networking site market is active accounts, and everyone nets accounted for a share of the 25.1%, happy nets to account for, tencent friends 19.4%, occupy the market to 18.1% of three previous position, everyone nets maintain leading, but the advantage is not obvious.

And another copy data also direct recognizes everyone nets and happy nets growth risks. It is reported, everyone nets user growth is slowing, and 1-3 months this year, month average new active users about 200 million active users, its growth for 1.14 billion with tencent friends, sina micro bo manufacturers are still in the relatively passive, compared to the position.

To cut social networking sites tycoon attitude of everyone friend tencent current nets, and happy nets greatest pressure. Online social networking sites last tencent formal friend, tencent based on tencent in instant messaging software QQ success, tencent friends in strong links structures, active users quantity, product experience and tencent products are advantages between support.

Tencent aspects data says, only 100 days time online, months already active users exceeded 100 million, while 100 days tencent friend 3rd party application installation quantity also 135 million. And according to the Google site trend flow statistics, tencent friend's traffic has surpassed all nets and happy nets, become China's most visited one of the social networking site for everyone, there exists considerable pressure for net. It is to MSN industry for the user Internet use time of a partitioned.

And relatively popular extensive social networking applied micro bo more by horrifying growth of partitioned social networking site users using time. Sina micro Po and tencent micro bo all has claimed that the user had billion.

In addition, analysys international analysis thinks, the perfect user experience with relevant business development will increase everyone nets capital investment, there exist certain financial pressure.

Although the development for many years, but the profitability of the social networking site by still doubt. Everyone nets says it started from the second quarter of 2010, and the core business to be consistently profitable diversity of the earnings way, basically income from the network advertising revenue, game income and Internet value-added services. But "stealing food" boom in the social networking site in game wasn't ideal, pay online advertising revenue also than traditional gateway vary greatly.

Interestingly, the everyone in the business pack listed company, including business model clear 43,200 business glutinous rice nets, it was considered maintain the company's overall revenue every important layout.

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