Tips Increase Number of Follower on Twitter

Just as Facebook and other social media, Twitter has now been transformed into a social media attracted many people especially young people. With Twitter we can share the many people around the world, ranging from silaturrahmi to event marketing services and products.

For some users the new Twitter, gaining followers (followers) that many may be desirable dream. Well, the following tips so you can get followers on Twitter.

1. Try to follow others first
There are many different types of people on Twitter. The simplest way that we can do to get followers is to meet other people and memfollow account.

2. Display Your Profile
Do not forget to display your work preferences and fields on your profile Twitter account. It could be a hobby and a profession in common, there are other interested followers to follow you. In addition, a Twitter account that you can be better known, try to display on social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, or on the blog.

3. Do not be Stingy Retweet (RT)
Do not be stingy to me Retweet (RT) tweets that you find useful and interesting. Besides your followers will get the benefit, the person you RT will also feel happy.

4. Greetings to your new follower
Feel free to say hello to your new follower. For example, with the greeting "Thanks for follow me". It will make an impression that you are an open person.

5.  Do not do the monotonous tweet
Do not make Twitter as a venue for your personal narcissistic tweet it, as this may cause the follower to be bored. Make the occasional tweet-tweet interesting and helpful to others, for example, tweet information about congestion, good food, and so useful for others.

6. Tweet photo
If you are using TwitPic, try the occasional tweet some photos. It will be interesting to see even a minute man.

7. Dialogue
One more important thing is you have to talk with fellow Twitter users. That way, they get to know you more and to follow your account. If necessary, try to get involved in the conversation trending on Twitter, for example by participating ngetweet certain hastag related.

8. Buy twitter follower from the providers.
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