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Let it be said that good 3D animation/drawing software is the fundamental relying factor when bringing creative and entertaining 3D animations to life. Animators nowadays face high expectations due to the success of such animation giants as Pixar and Dreamworks, which have bought us such lovable animation films as Toy Story and Shriek. However, even with the huge money they spend training animators to use expensive software's, the same level of quality and entertainment of the 3D animations can be created by small time creative animators using a cheaper hi-end alternative 3D animation software. Such alternative software's are high to find due to the competitive animation software market, but do exist and are pointed out by animation fanatics such as myself.

To understand what a good 3D drawing and animating software require, we must first understand the terminology used in animation and graphic design. Since William Fetter gave us the term "3D computer graphic software" in 1976, we now refer to the term as "3D drawing software" which can be divided into three sections:- The first being 3D modelling, which is used to create 3D objects and shapes- The second being 3D animation, which is used to create graphic 3D objects and characters combining motion and interaction to produce an animation video.- The third being 3D rendering, which is used to create pictures of an object in 3 dimensions by using shading, shadowing and colour blending.
When choosing an appropriate 3D drawing software, one must decide which of the three sectors they wish to implement and if the software allows a combination of the sectors. From my experience I have seen many 3D drawing software's that do not allow users to go beyond 3D modelling to Animati ng, even though they state the software is an animating software. Most of these are free or cheap software's such as Xtra3D, and do not allow users to develop their skills.

As spending budget may be a concern for independent animators, a reasonable investment made with a well informed decision is crucial, and so my point of my explanation. Whereas now an intermediately priced 3D drawing software becomes favourable, many of the fairly priced software's are several flaws. Such flaws as poor rendering speeds cause a computer to consume high CPU usage, and run the risk of crashing. However there are some tested by animators such as myself and i will state later.While expensive 3D drawing software's such as 3d max download and Maya allow high quality 3D drawing and integration of the three sectors, great animations largely depend on ones style of implementation and creative imagination. Not to mention the time and training, if any is given, a user has to go through before a user even begins to draw.

So what is the "best animation software"? I hear you say. Well ideally a cheap powerful programme that allows high quality 3D models and animations to be created at an expert level that even a beginner can develop and learn to create. Such software's do exist and allow hi-end graphics and 3D animations to be made by even beginners at a fraction of the cost of expensive programs such as Maya. It also comes with a 6hours tutorial, which guides beginners from 3D modelling to 3D animation.

I have come across a cheap 3D animating software that not only allows integration of the sectors, but also includes 3D game creation, complex 3D shading, interactive 3D rigging and 3D cartoon animation. I have provided a link below where you can find this software and you can read more on it. For the cheap price it sells at and the video training it includes, it truly is phenomenal software

The best 3d animation software can be found at

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