Vera Brezhneva Released Her First Solo Album - "Love Will Save the World"

This album includes already well-known tracks "Love Will Save the World", "Nirvana", "Love in the City" (the main soundtrack to the film "Love in the City"), "I I do not play, "If you will be brave," "Pronto feat. Potap, that took their places in the charts of various radio stations.

On the music channels were actively rotated videos for the songs: "Love Will Save the World", "Nirvana", "Pronto," "Love in the City", "I do not play." Music video "Love Will Save the World" was considered the most rotated music video of summer 2010 at the Russian music channels.

Song "Pronto" appeared on the radio and music channels in September 2010. It was a duet with Ukrainian hip-hop star Potap.

Presentation of the album took place on November 24 in the Blan Cafe.

Vera Brezhneva opened the presentation with the new song, "If you will be with me" and sincerely thanked all the people who helped her to release this disc. Between so ngs Vera told how much heart she put into its creation of this album, and how she and her creative team went to the concerts in the cities of Russia.
Vera Brezhneva remembered how she had started her career in the group "VIA Gra". She did not commented and criticized the work of here "native" group.

The album "Love will save the World" - this is favorite songs, fresh new songs and many surprises ... Fans were waiting for this since 2007, and finally Vera Brezhneva introduced you to her first solo album!

Vera Brezhneva was a member of "gold membership" of the famous pop trio "VIA Gra" from 2003 to 2007. A new music video "Do not leave me, darling!" with the participation of Vera Brezhneva took leading positions in the charts of the CIS.

By the way, the nickname "Brezhneva" was contrived by producer of the group: in her native city Dneprodzerzhinsk was born CPSU General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev.

Real surname of Vera is Galushka. Mom worked at the metallurgical plant in Dneprodzerzhinsk, father - at the chemical plant. In addition to Vera they have two daught ers. One of them, Victoria, in December 2007 married a famous entertainer, actor and now director of Russia's First Channel.

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