Bkf Corruption Due To Missing Catalog Files – Microsoft Bkf Recovery Software

Computer Data Backup: Taking backup of the crucial computer data files is something very common and very useful to every

computer user. Backing up computer data is a frequently performed activity by almost everyone who saves and stores any

information on his system. Taking the backup of important files reduces the chances of data loss in case of any adverse

conditions. Backups safeguard your important computer data.

Windows NTBackup Utility: Microsoft Windows users are provided with an inbuilt backup utility tool called NTBackup, which is

used to take the backup of all the data files on the system. Backup created using NTBackup are stored in files with .BKF


BKF Corruption: Backup or the data guard facility is also not completely safe. In some circumstances, these BKF files can

also get corrupted. In such a backup corruption scenario, you might think your data has been lost permanently. But, Microsoft

corrupt BKF recovery is possible by using an efficient Microsoft BKF
recovery tool. There can be many unforeseen, unpredictable, unintentional, unavoidable and unwanted causes for BKF


Missing Catalog Files (One of the BKF Corruption Reasons): One of the reasons for BKF corruption is the missing catalog

files. Catalog files are actually those files that allow NTBackup to restore the crucial data from the BKF files. These

catalog files are produced during the backup operation and are stored in a folder on your computer called the catalogs

folder. These show under the restore tab in NTBackup. Now, if you try to form more than one backup at a time, these catalog

files share matching timestamp attribute. Only the set that was created first shows up under this restore tab but the other

one that were created simultaneously does not show up. This leads to BKF corruption. At the time of corruption, when you look

at the BKF files created by t he coordinated execution of several backup processes, you will see that the catalog files are

missing from the Restore Tab.

Microsoft Backup Recovery: Microsoft .bkf recovery is possible using an efficient Microsoft BKF recovery software tool. One

such high-performing Microsoft BKF recovery utility tool is SysTools BKF Repair software. This is an easy-to-use yet

technologically advanced Microsoft backup recovery tool that you can use with great ease and comfort. This Microsoft BKF

repair tool can help you open Microsoft BKF files that might have been inaccessible due to corruption and then help you

recover the entire data in its original form. You can also use this tool for MS Windows 7

BKF recovery as SysTools BKF Repair software is now made compatible with Windows 7.

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