SENuke Review, Black Or White Hat SEO?

A couple of days ago I received an email, from a mailing list that I am subscribed to I might add, that was touting the wonders of a new piece of software called SE Nuke.

(No, I am not an affiliate, but it is only fair to add a link to their website when doing a review. I saw a few other reviews that were not linking to the SE Nuke website, which I think is very unfair.)

So just what is SE Nuke?

According to the SE Nuke site, it's "the most powerful search engine optimization software ever created".

Obviously, I was intrigued. Could this new piece of software automate the processes I've been using manually for quite some time now? Could SE Nuke reduce my work day? Really triple my bottom line? Help me dominate the first three pages of Google like the sales page says?

Yes say Joe Russell and Areeb Bajwa, SE Nuke's developers / promoters.

But when reading on, I had my doubts. You see, I've been wor king online for over 13 years. Designing, developing, and optimizing websites for solid search engine performance. Along the way learning many valuable methods of backlinking, link baiting, and link building in order to obtain long term placement in the SERP's (Search Engine Result Pages).

One thing that I have learned about building solid, LONG TERM, SEO results is that there are absolutely no shortcuts. No magic bullets, no where to buy magic beans on the way to market that will lead to the golden goose. No sir, some of the wording on the SE Nuke sales page is disturbing. At least to me, because I happen to know that some of the tactics SE Nuke offers will eventually hurt your website more than it will help it.

SE Nuke sounds like a good idea, and the methods it uses really are good for SEO optimization of a website if you were to do them all manually. The SE Nuke developers have put together a really nice, FREE, ebook to download that offers very valuable advice to users wishing to manually optimize their website.
Understand, this review is not a slam on SE Nuke, or Joe Russell and Areeb Bajwa. I did in fact read the entire e-book that they are giving away, and it does give some generic, but sound SEO advice. Using social bookmarking, video sites, web 2.0 sites, and hub pages IS an excellent method for SEO and SERP domination.

But where I have to differ is when I hear really disturbing wording that over the years, time and time again, I've seen sites be cast into the bowels of the blacklist. The ever dreaded search engine exclusion. The blackhat SEO hell.

SE Nuke claims to automate processes that should not be automated.

Think about the spam you receive each and every day in your email. This is automated spam, generated by hackers and spammers that send out millions of unwanted solicitations daily. Clogging the internet and your inbox with garbage and junk.

Now compare this to the top websites online. If you were the owner of one of these monsters, like or (owned by Google and Netscape / AOL respectively), wouldn't you be working feverishly to provide quality content to your users? Wouldn't you spend some of that multi million dollar budget working on thwarting the efforts of duplicate content? Of course you would.

SE Nuke talks about 'spinning' titles, creating hundreds of article variations from seed articles, and tricking the search engines.

When I read this, especially the 'tricking the search engines' comment, I had the urge to hide my url's and run for the hills. If you have been online for any amount of time, you know for a fact that efforts to 'trick the search engines' are always, I repeat, ALWAYS countered by the same search engines you are trying to trick into giving you the listing.

Further, SE Nuke really shocked me by insinuating that you should actually use someone else's article, and then create variations of that article (SE Nuke calls this a seed article). This is stealing my friends. It's copyright violation at the very least, and it's not the first time a piece of software has tried to get this by the search engines and their algorithms. No, it's been tried before, and it always fails. It always turns out badly for the people that believe it's a shortcut. Don't steal the hard work of another writer, please. It's bad karma at the very least, and certainly not good business ethics.

Tricking, spinning, and seeding, are black hat SEO tactics. Period.

Yes, you might in fact nab the first three pages in Google by using the black hat SEO tactics offered by SE Nuke. You might even have them for some time. But ultimately, you will lose these listings. Because Google is smart. AOL is smart. Yahoo is smart. These are fortune 500 companies my friends, and if you think that they are going to offer poor results for their users for any length of time , you are mistaken. They have giant staffs, people who work for them that are looking for programs like SE Nuke, in order to continue to provide excellent search results on their SERP pages.

Nope, SE Nuke is not the long term magic bullet, because the magic bullet for good SEO simply does not exist. If you are serious about making the web a viable, long term source of income, then it takes a viable, long term plan.

It takes work.

You want to take your website to the top of the search engine listings? Then you need to do the work necessary. You need good SEO. You need a plan. Then you need to follow through with that plan.

No software in the world, including SE Nuke, is going to do that work for you. No SEO automation is a good idea for long term business development. Ever.

When you read the words 'trick' or 'spin' or 'seed', run away. Run away fast.

Know what you are going into if you decide to buy and use SE Nuke. Know that you might get much more than you bargained for in the long run.

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