Content is the Most Important SEO Ranking Factor

The most important factor that influences the ranking of the website is the content. If you provide quality content, people will always return to the site. People will naturally link to your site when they find your content informational and useful. You should write content that have fresh ideas. If you are writing about the same piece of news, nobody would come to your site because they can get the information from other popular site. Since your site is new, you need to create a fresh content that will attract the visitors.

You should update your site with new content every now and then. If you don't have time, you can update your site at least once or twice every six month. If you have plenty of free time, you should add new content once every week or month. If you own a blog, you should regularly update it with new content.

The blog should be more frequently updated than the website. For example, if your site provide free design tutorials, you should regularly provide new tutorials. The tutorial you use should not be copied from other website. It should be completely original. In this way, people will keep coming back to your site.

If you don't update your blog, the pages that were once indexed will become deindexed. To make sure the pages continue to be indexed, you should update blog at least once or twice per day. The more times you update the blog, the better your blog will improve in terms of SEO ranking. You should not update your blog too many times. Some people think updating their blog 100 times per day will help them to rank higher than other blog in the search engine. If you overdo it, the search engine will see it as a blackhat SEO practice and ban your site from the search result.

You should avoid using unnecessary keywords that seems nonsensical to the users. Using nonsensical keywords that don't make sense will cause the search engine to penalize you. Blocks of text such as "frequent misspellings are used to arrive on this page" must be avoided because they don't ptoide value to the visitors. In addition, you cannot use hidden text to deceive the search engine. Hidden texts are text that are hidden from the users but visible to the search engines. An example of hidden text is using white text that matches with the white background color of the page.

Besides, you can add image to the content on your site. Image will make your content become interesting. The image you use should be free from copyright problem. You can use royalty free images or your own photos. Before using the image on the site, you should compress it. Compressing the image on the site will reduce the image file size. There are many software to allow you to compress the image size including ACD See and Photoshop. ACD See allows you to convert the image format and compress the image quality in batch.

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