Music For Health an Wellbeing.

Can Music be a cure?

Music for Healing and Inspiration, It might not sound so alien a concept when you already know that certain musical compositions are firm favourites of yours. Some pieces of music make you feel good in any of a number of ways. Some musical compositions you may find very relaxing and yet others invigorating.

The 1812 Overture by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky is a very empowering piece that fills the listener with pride and vigour, similarly Wagners Ride Of The Valkyries evokes feelings of resoluteness and determination in the listener. Its fair to say that both pieces, in todays parlance are pretty much in your face.

At the other end of the scale are some incredibly relaxing and dreamy pieces like the Aquarium by Camille Saint-Saens or the incredibly haunting Any other Name by Thomas Newman.

These are just a very few examples and doubtless many more will spring to the readers mind.

Alpharabius discussed how music was therapeutic to the soul in his work Meanings of the Intellect back in the 10th Century while Robert Burton affirmed that Music played a critical role in the treatment of psychological disorders in the 17th Century.

Increasingly the use of musical tones is being turned to as a form of therapy. Here then are just a few methods in which music and tones are used in healing and inspiration.

Binaural tones:

Binaural tones also called Binaural beats was first discovered by Heinrich Willhelm in 1839 and involves the playing of two different tones in stereo headphones, One tone is played into the left ear while the other is played into the right ear. The effects of this are thought to produce a specific healing effect depending upon the tones being used.

Binaural beats are often included in meditative music to assist the listener in relaxing.

Solfeggio Frequencies:

Solfeggio frequencies are a set of Six ancient tones that feature in monastic chants. These frequencies or tones when sung in harmony are thought to create a great spiritual blessing for the listener. They are thought to reach deep into the subconscious and create healing from the inside out.

Isochronic tones:

Isochronic tones are musical compositions that contain a regular beat of a single frequency. These beats are quiet powerful in their ability to alter states of consciousness as they can often be found in regular drum beats. Drum Beats have been used by Native American Indians, Aborigines, British Neolithic Peoples, Shamans and Druids to enter hypnotic states.

Royal Rife Frequencies:

Doctor Royal Raymond Rife (born May 16, 1888 died August 5, 1971) claimed that specific frequencys were effective at destroying or at the very least disrupting the life cycle of pathogens. He produced an entire list of conditions and the frequencies that should be used to remedy them.

Here is Dr Rifes original list of conditions and their corresponding healing frequencies:


In conclusion, music does make you feel good, we all knew that. What we may not have known is that music can make us feel good in more ways than that are first apparent.

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