How can a Web-Based Software Application Enhance the Success of your Multi-Site Enterprise Technology Deployment?

An essential component to support a well-defined technology rollout system of methodologies, the web-based software application is proficient at capturing processes, documenting work and providing visibility into projects.

Example Scenario:
If a customer averages 300 technology rollouts per week, how does the technology rollout company accommodate an increased scale of 600 rollouts per week without decreasing quality of service?

The web-based software application accelerates deployment time, enhances communication flow and ensures quality assurance at every phase of the technology rollout.

The rollout company relies on its internal resources and partnerships that support its defined process structure in order to escalate capabilities. With its primary purpose to provide easily accessed services for customers (such as reporting and project documentation), a web-based software application cannot account for changes in project scope, scale or address advanced customer needs. It serves as a support tool, not as a viable replacement for the system itself.

A web-based software application alone will not suffice as the company's sole system of providing rollout services. Thus the need for a well-defined, proven technology rollout system, which includes a software application as part of its process structure, capable of the growth and expansion required to meet the ever changing needs of today's technology rollouts.


- Available 24/7/365 from anywhere in the world

- Provides real-time project status and updates via web or email

- State-of-the-art data center housing increases redundancy and disaster recovery

protection of application failure

- Custom billing plans to assist in speed and accuracy of invoicing

-Warehouse system modifications accelerate deployment time and asset tracking



-Puts project details and summary reports at your fingertips

- Minimizes administrative time and costs

- Enables simple, fast online ordering

- Generates up-to-date project reports

- Enables easy asset management and recovery

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