Celebrities And Their Accessories

Being a celebrity means many things. First, you get a lot of attention. There are those who want it, those who don't and of course, those who say they don't but really do and will do anything to get it. Yes, that one is for you John Mayer. Second, you make boatloads of money. Some celebrities make more than others, but as a group they are among the highest paid people in the world. So, what do you do with all that money and all that attention? You flaunt it, of course!

There is a plethora of things celebrities like to throw their money at; luxury homes, vehicles, expensive trips, yachts, boats, even private jets. Each celebrity has their own personal "vice" that they love indulging in. But the one thing that seems to transcend to every celebrity is the love of jewelry and accessories.

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Handbags have always been popular among the ladies of tinsel town, but over the last couple years their populari ty has skyrocketed. You will see the same celebrity with a different handbag or purse every day of the week. From Gucci to Burberry to Louis Vuitton the ladies must have the latest and greatest in fashion over their shoulder at all times.
The newest accessory that is sweeping Hollywood is dogs. That's right, no need to rub your eyes, dogs. This trend started only a year or so ago. High profile celebrities began bringing their precious little puppies with them everywhere; department stores, coffee shops even into 5 Star Restaurants. It seems as if no place is off limits. You can catch stars like Blake Lively, Paris Hilton and Leighton Meester carrying their dogs everywhere. It has gone as far as designer clothes, designer food bowls and designer carrying cases for these four-legged friends. Can this get any trendier in 2009, or will it simply disappear?

The last accessory that both men and women fall for is jewelry. This has always been high on the Hollywood Celebrity list and the trend isn't going away anytime soon. From gaudy wedding ring sets, to beautiful sterling silver necklaces and sterling silver earrings today's celebrities wear it, and they make it look good. Even trends like tennis b racelets, anklets and the Tiffany's Mesh Collection have been worn by celebrities over the last year. You will see stars like Beyonce, Victoria Beckham and Kate Hudson wearing the hottest and newest celebrity jewelry trends.

So, no matter what accessory celebrities like to drop big money on, they will spend it and spend it in style.

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