2010 Tokyo Game Show

Since 1996, TGS has remains one of the most popular video game expos in the world. Although it primarily targets the Japanese market, it is still used by many famous international video game developers and is used as a venue for demonstrating their upcoming software titles and gaming hardware. This year TGS aims for further growth by enhancing the show's B2B and B2C functions with the goal of becoming "the No.1 Information Network in the Asian Region."

The TGS is held annually by the Computer Entertainment Supplier's Association (CESA) and Nikkei Business Publications, Inc. at the Makuhari Messe located in the famous Japanese city of Chiba. The Tokyo Game Show plans to include new and existing zones this year in its four day long expo.

The General Exhibition area will showcase digital entertainment-related products and services, including game software. The Merchandise Sales area, another standard fare at TGS, is dedicated to selling game-related products. With its format changing for 2010, sales of game software will be allowed to companies (publishers) who are also exhibitors in the General Exhibition Area or other areas.

The Family Area, new for 2010, will exhibit video games, game-related goods, and game-related services targeted for children. TGS will be lifting the limit on the number of game machines to be exhibited this year. The area will be opened to a wider range of exhibitors with the goal of making the show more enjoyable for families. The Game School Area will be designed for schools that engage in video game training.
The PC Online Game Business Area, another 2010 newcomer, shall provide opportunities for presenting and discussing licensing, sales and partnerships of online PC games with the goal of providing a cost-effective means for exhibitors to target businesses and end-consumers alike.

The new Game PC Area will introduce high-performance game PCs, motherboard graphic boards, processors, memory and hard disk drives for gaming PCs. Original game PC products and game software. The Audio-Visual & Gadget Area will showcase audio-visual equipment and other related gadgetry to enhance game playing environments. Examples of such products include 3-D television, 5.1ch audio systems and custom video gaming chairs.

The Mobile Area, new for 2010, will exhibit mobile phone content and mobile-related products access peripheral devices for the iPhone, Android, and Windows Mobile platforms. There will also be a Business Solution Area for B2B purposes as well as an International Career Pavilion designed to meet the global need for hiring new talent by providing opportunities for companies and prospective employees to connect.

In addition to its traditional line-up, the TGS plans to include new programs for 2010 such as the following:

Asian Game Business Summit planning Tours for foreign visitors VISIT JAPAN campaign participation Installation of the International Career Pavilion Introduction of the Media Partner System Programming of online ticket sales for overseas customers International Exchange Zone Installation Business Matching System enhancement New Asian Culture Hub Addition of new Game Science Museum

Although there was initial debate about the show's length, CESA and Nikkei eventually agreed upon a duration of four days in hopes of attracting more attendees. Although initially designed for professional attendees, the Tokyo Game Show allows public attendance in the final two days.

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