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Celebrity Fitness pioneered the concept of combining a fitness center and entertainment ambiance in Indonesia. Moreover, Celebrity Fitness contributes tremendously to the increased awareness of health and fitness in its operating markets today. Celebrity's gym experience proved hugely popular, prompting the group to expand its gym network in Jakarta and grow overseas (starting in 2005 with the 1 Utama club in Kuala Lumpur). As the premier regional fitness center, Celebrity Fitness constantly pushes to provide the best service to its members by tailoring programs and offerings for our members' satisfaction.

In December 2007, Navis Capital Partners ("Navis")united withCelebrity Fitness. Navis contributes its various resources to assist Celebrity Fitness as it expands its product offerings in its existing markets and abroad.

Celebrity Fitness is the fastest growing fitness company in Asia with 41,000 active members in Jakarta alone. The clubs in Surabaya, Kuala Lumpur and Penang have been getting enthusiastic, positive feedback from members. Celebrity Fitness enjoys its image as a trendy destination for the vigorous, urban and cosmopolitan community and will continue to strive to provide a multitude of high quality, exciting, and entertaining work-out experiences to our membersno matter what their fitness levels are. Celebrity Fitness launched India with the club at JMD Mall Gurgaon, and will continue to develop the organization and expand our gym network in the near future.

1. Strength

Celebrity fitness have well maintain and modern gym equipment. This will let the customer enjoy the finest equipment at celebrity fitness. Online presence: Each member will have access to shop, schedule and supplement provided online. All scheduling will be automated for fast and efficient communication with the members. Knowledgeable and friendly staff: Celebrity fitness staff consists of professionally trained personnel that have a true passion for helping the customer and caring for the needs of its members. This becomes apparent when you look at the staff's professional background. Clear vision of the market need: Celebrity fitness offer individual membership as well as corporate membership for company. This will create very loyal, passionate members. Celebrity Fitness offer Classes such as Body combat, Kickboxing, Yoga, Street jam, Aerobic and many more new classes. This will keeps members interested and loyalty to the club. Celebrity Fitness offer numerous of gym centre at Klang Valley that located on shopping complex. This will offer flexibility to customer to choose their nearest fitness centre.

1. Weakness

Although Celebrity Fitness has built a loyal following, but the brand is not yet a household name. Celebrity Fitness high membership fees relative to traditional gyms: Celebrity Fitness services may not appeal to potential customers with a limited budget like student and fresh graduate. Celebrity Fitness also inability to work on a high volume business model. Celebrity Fitness also using high costs of attracting a large corporate client. This will decrease the turnover. Celebrity Fitness also encounter high staff turnover because most of the front-line employee are fresh graduate or part-timer Competitors such as Fitness First offer a lot more fitness centre to it member compare with Celebrity Fitness.

2. Celebrity Fitness Core and Supplementary Elements

Core values: a fitness workout place

Supplementary Elements

Payment: Celebrity Fitness offer flexibility of payment for their gym membership. Customer can choose to pay a sum of money by cash for certain year of services or they can subscribe to EPP (easy payment plan) for payment by credit card. Billing: Celebrity Fitness will issue a contract to customer regarding the sum of cash their need to pay for the membership , if by EPP the contract will clear stated the duration and monthly installment. Information: Celebrity Fitness has salesperson located at each of their fitness club, if customer walk-in their will explain the services available like location of each fitness centre, fitness classes available, personal trainer service and pricing. Consultation: Celebrity Fitness has salesperson located at each of their fitness club, member will get consultation whether their current weight is health or not, what fitness classes fit them, which fitness centre nearest to them, personal trainer services their required and price that meet their need. Hospitality: Celebrity Fitness required their staff to be dressed in formal in order to show respect toward their customer, speaking in a polite manner and also language that customer comfortable. Safekeeping: Celebrity Fitness offers a free locker for the member to keep their belonging while gym at the fitness centre. Exceptions: Besides fitness place like gym, classes and kickboxing: Celebrity Fitness also offer exception like steam room and sauna room for the member at rest room.

3. Celebrity Fitness Services Marketing Mix: "8Ps"

Product elements: Celebrity Fitness objective is offer a place for customer to fitness workout. Besides the core value, Celebrity Fitness also provided supplementary services like fitness classes, personal training services, free drinking machine, sauna room, steam room and swimming pool. Place and time: Celebrity Fitness has 8 fitness centers at Klang valley that strategic located at shopping complex. This will easy for member to choose which nearest to their home or work place. The operating of Celebrity Fitness is from 6am to 12 pm, this will enable member to visit the fitness centre at their convenience time. Promotion and education: Celebrity Fitness had been doing promotion with banner and flyer at their fitness centre. On banner and flyer it also stated the membership plan. Besides this they also doing promotion on Face book, Friendster and twitter: regarding their membership plan, answering feedback from user, latest promotion and fitness classes schedule from them. Price and other user outlays: Celebrity Fitness offer special discount for student and corporate customer. Customer also can choose to pay full amount in cash or EPP by credit card. Besides this, personal trainer also will be provided at discounted price and member will enjoy discounted price for buying supplement product. Physical environment: Celebrity Fitness create very sporty and celebrity image for their member. All the equipment provides are in good condition and modern. The fitness centre equipped with comfortable lightning, suitable music and TV program. All staff will be dressed in formal. Process: Celebrity Fitness also provided member with instruction how to body building or slimming program. Member also can give their feedback regarding the club operation. Each machine with given instruction to use of the fitness machine or equipment and make sure the equipment is up-to- date. People- Celebrity Fitness staff had certified trainer certificate that approved by international body, this will ensure all information member get is professional. Team building also been implement by Celebrity Fitness to ensure smooth team work to serve the customer better. Productivity and Quality: Celebrity Fitness management always will be on fitness centre to monitoring the member behavior and what is their want or need. Continuous improved had been done to improved the services quality like member will enjoy discount benefit from selected retailed in the shopping complex. The fitness equipment is up-to-date and fitness classes are what the member wants.

4. Area of improvements needed

Changing room: changing room section need to be more hygiene by implement a schedule of cleaning for every 1 hour. Secured-locker system: Currently Celebrity Fitness provide locker but member need to bring along lock. So Celebrity fitness needs to implement secured-locker system for it member that just need to flash their card at locker to lock. By implement this can ensure that the locker is more secured and avoid hijacking by thief. Bathroom area: management need to be more cautious about the facilities provided, by having a routine check-up, maintaining the liquid inside the shampoo liquid machine and make sure each of the bathrooms consist of soap holder. Bathroom area needs to confirm with water supplying and if the issue really unavoidable, management need to inform the member before they enter Celebrity fitness. Gym area: Frequently check about the weight machine and weight equipment is very important because it can avoid the machine/equipment breakdown that causing inconvenience to it club member and wasting their time. The duration to fix up the spoil machine/equipment is very important, so the management need to set a faster time frame to repair each of the machine/ equipment. General facilities: General facilities need improvement in swimming pool, towel services and indoor studio. At the start swimming pool need to be more hygiene and the level of chlorine amount need to fill accordingly the international standard because if more will bring harm to club member skin or hair. So a routine check up for swimming pool must be handling carefully to avoid dissatisfaction to club member. Besides this, the towel provided to member need to be at good condition, clean and without stink on it. By this, it will increase the satisfaction of member because it creates a good feeling when using the tower. At last the indoor studio needs to be increase the space because to meet the demand of member that wants to attend the class. With this, all members can attend the class and it will increase the satisfaction of member. Services and security: Free juice services must be included at Celebrity fitness because it will increase the image of Celebrity fitness that always provided add-on services to its member and really care about the member satisfaction. Besides this, the frontline staffs at Celebrity fitness needs to attend training regarding customer services because it will improve the front line staff in "customer first" attitude. By training and free juice it will increase satisfaction of club member. At last for security concern Celebrity fitness need to implement a computerized automated gate at the club entry because it can block unauthorized person to enter the club that will bring harm to the club member. With security tighten up, the club member will be feeling more safety when doing their work-out and it surely will increase the satisfaction of club member.

5. Comparison study

Fitness first is a major player for fitness industry in Malaysia. Comparisons have been made make between fitness first and celebrity fitness. The finding shows fitness first offer something that have been miss out or not on par by celebrity fitness:

11 clubs at Klang valley compare with Celebrity fitness only have 8 clubs. This will let customer feel Fitness first have more option to choose and more convenience. Personalized audio visual entertainment. Whether you enjoy watching music videos, news or the latest sporting event. Celebrity fitness also offer audio visual entertainment but cant personalized and just can watch what they offer. This will let customer feel Fitness first have more option to choose and fulfill their needs. Member lounge & juice bar: place to unwind after your workout. Relax, read the papers, chat with other members and friends as well as enjoy complimentary soft drinks, tea and coffee in the members' lounge for free. Celebrity fitness doesn't offer any of free drink or lounge. This exception sure will increase loyalty of Fitness First member and attract more customers to them. DVD & VCD rental: Fitness first is the first chain of health clubs to introduce a members' complimentary DVD/VCD facility. Today, members have a choice of over 500 top movie titles to choose from at absolutely no cost. Videos are provided on a 48-hour loan service and all need is your membership card. Celebrity fitness doesn't offer these services. This exception sure will make the customer happier of Fitness First because they do something of the expectation. Security: For the convenience and safety of Fitness First members, all entries to the clubs are based on computerized automated gates where only members can access the clubs by swiping their membership cards at the gates. Celebrity fitness doesn't offer these services. This safekeeping will increase the Fitness First member trust. Online customize program: Fit Sync offers the security of your own personalized account and verification password. Whether it is verifying your own sessions, tracking session balances on-line or through electronic mail updates or monitoring your Personal Training package validity, Fit Sync is the online system to help you plan and get the most from your Personal Training program. Celebrity fitness doesn't offer these services. The hospitality of this program is something Celebrity Finest need to learn about it.

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