iPad Market: Difficult to Predict

Introduction: overseas media wrote, though iPad can compatible with many iPhone application, because of the difference of size and function configuration, it makes iPad's application market difficult to be predicted.

Joy coexists with grief

Major iPhone application developers have exploited over 140,000 applications for this kind of cell phone. This group goes from strength to strength. But apple's new product iPad, to these developers, may be a good news or a disaster.

Many developers, including game company and media company, indicated that the opportunity iPad brings is exciting, it is not difficult for small screen application to fit iPad, while some developers found that iPad will be a challenge. For example, same with iPhone, iPad also is not allowed application to be ran in backstage, so users can not run multi-procedure at the same time like PC.

To Internet Broadcast Company ---Pandora, It is not a big problem in iPhone. Because users usually listen their music when do their exercise. But to iPad users, they may probably listen their music when they read e-book.

Video is restricted

Though iPad isn't equipped with webcam, it is in some developers' expectation. Because iPad is not that small and exquisite like iPhone, the function of webcam is not that outstanding. Making some photography and video application of iPhone can not transfer to iPad in the existing form. So iPad users had to use iPad video converter to convert video to iPad.

Internet Telephony Service like Skype had to use video to communicate and sent immediate message because with no webcam, at least it is so far. So is iPhone. But compare to laptop, the convenience of iPad is inadequate. Spokesperson of Skype said, "They are researching the device of iPad and hope to find an experience method for excellent users."

When asked the opinion of the prospect of iPad application market, spokesperson of apple quoted apple Senior Vice President---Scott Forstall's words "It will be developers' gold mine".

Advantages remain

But there are still some developers who are full of enthusiasm of the change that iPad brings, especially the big screen. Game developers are not longer restricted by the 3.5 inch screen of iPhone. Cell phone Social Game manufacturer SGN said, their company can transfer the Fight Game "Skies of Glory" in iPhone to high-quality 3G multiplayer like Xbox 360. Their company also plans to shift iPhone to hand shank, the same with WiFi hand shank controlling iPad.

Software Company SonicMule once pushed out iPhone game application "Ocarina". Ge Wang, The company's alliance originator, said iPad can not only make some large virtual instrument possible, like guitar and harp, but also can give a mark according to users' performances, so as to provide a whole new experience for users.

Though apple didn't publish iPad's whole development plan, publishers were inspired. They said most iPhone application can be ran in iPad directly without modification. Publishing company Conde Nast is now optimizing some magazine's electronic edition.

Disadvantage is numerous

Same with iPhone, iPad also doesn't support Flash. Users can watch YouTube through preloaded YouTube application. But users can not watch video in website like Hulu because of lacking the support of Flash. Adobe wrote in his blog, "Apple still restricts device, it will have a deep effect to publishers and consumers".

Some iPhone applications that play an important role when users are proceeding can not transfer well enough. For example, Loopt Company develops a Social Network basing on geographical position. The company plans to add more guide functions, such as restaurant and vocal concert. But they will not depend on real-time information. Because they realize that users are unlikely to bring their iPad anywhere and anytime.

Sam Altman, the CEO of Loopt, said, "To Loopt, the situation may change. We will push out Loopt application facing iPad, but it is hard to gain the same success."

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