Social Networking and Celebrities - Making a Big Difference For Celebrities and Their Fans

The internet has had a massive impact on fans reaching out to celebrities. Before the internet, fans would be lucky to get a chance to see Elvis Presley outside of a concert somewhere, and even luckier to ever get a signed shirt, or have a question answered. Hearing Elvis talk would be something to happen at concerts, or during broadcasted interviews. It wasn't a common occurrence.

The internet has changed this dramatically, in a good way. First it started with celebrities creating web pages and blogs that fans could access and get tour updates, interviews, news, etc. You could email actors or musicians and sometimes you would get a reply!

With the creation of web 2.0 websites and social networking websites, this whole process has been nearly perfected. Websites such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google have changed how people perceive celebrities. It is now uncommon for a celebrity not to have a Facebook or Twitter account. Most celebs are micro-blogging, sometimes updating by the hour. Not only are they updating people with news related to them, they update with personal messages and thoughts on their mind. A celebrity having the ability to share ideas with fans and get feedback makes an incredible difference.

Fans have an exponentially higher chance of getting in touch with their favourite celebrities and just the concept of social networking with celebrities has created a massive online industry. Companies want celebs to tweet advertisements of their products, or integrate advertisements contextually into an update. What better way to promote a product than to have Lady Gaga update her Facebook status about it so it hits all of her fans live feeds and also twitter followers. Commercials have nothing on this.

Mega electro producer Deadmau5 holds weekly Q&A sessions with his fans over Stickam. Stickam is a live broadcasting video chat site, meaning thousands of fans get to type to Deadmau5 and ask him questions while looking at him in a chair answering all of them. Deadmau5, having always been quite internet savvy, is one of few celebrities to start doing this. It's amazing really, what he is doing for his fans. Whether it is questions about his next single or next tattoo, he takes a genuine effort to read them and answer. Before the internet a celebrity Q&A would have been something not only rare, but hard to become a part of as well. Now you can do it from your computer chair.

There has been an increasing gap between celebrities and regular people. People tend to get out of hand and think celebrities are divine, and bow down to them a bit too much. The internet has helped close this gap a bit, with status updates and tweets about personal ideas and such, people are beginning to see that celebrities are just regular people after all.

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