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Nowadays, it's very convenient to get somewhere by car, and driving out for a trip becomes a pretty popular way of leisure and entertainment. To enjoy high-quality iPod music in the vehicle can be such an experience of pleasure, whether you are a music lover or not. The emergence of car iPod has realized the possibility bringing great enjoyment for car owners.

Over the years, iPod music player has grown in popularity due to its compact size, large capacity and high sound quality. An iPod is pretty small so that you can carry it anywhere. Besides, the little gadget is able to store loads of music and offers excellent audio experience. Thus, many people like to take the small device no matter where they are. When they return home after one-day work, when they have a breath of fresh air in the park, and when they wait for a cup of fragrant coffee in the caf, they will enjoy kinds of music through earplugs of the iPod player. However, if you drive a car, it will be rather inconvenient and dangerous to enjoy your favorite music in this way. Finally, with the development of car entertainment, people are able to listen to wonderful iPod music with the gadget called car iPod.

With the car iPod player, you are able to build a digital library of high-quality music in your vehicle. The large capacity enables you to listen to your favorite music as much as you like, such as Jazz, Blues, Folk, Pop, Country music, R&B, Hip-hop, etc. so that you don't have to listen to the same songs again and again. This feature saves you from the trouble of collecting tons of CDs. Furthermore, the music flowing out of the iPod player is certainly of much better audio effect compared with that of ordinary DVD players. In addition, if you use discs in a car, they are more vulnerable to scratches and cracks in use, and they can't be read correctly after damaged, but a car iPod doesn't have such problem. In general, the iPod player also plays music files much more quickly while a CD has to take much time to read.

In order to enjoy the iPod music in the vehicle, many people have tried to connect the car and the iPod player. An old method of connection is the iPod to tape dock connection. One end of the device can be mounted into the iPod while the other end is a plastic looking cassette tape. You can play iPod music by putting the cassette in the cassette docks if your vehicle is an older model of car. For a newer car, a USB connector is a better option. You can plug a USB cable into a USB dock that allows you to plug any USB device into the adpater in your car, so you can play iPod music in your vehicle and update the iPod on the computer as well. In some new cars, USB drives have been built in the entertainment system so that you can plug the iPod in by using a cable that a MP3 player comes with. Today, there are products like iPod control cables on the market especially designed for car iPod connection.

In the modern life, many people feel like listening to beautiful music while they are driving, particularly when it is a long journey. Due to the special features, a car iPod can provide the driver and passengers with wonderful audio enjoyment, which makes it the most attractive music player in the vehicle.

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