How to Choose the best video editing software download

If you are concerning about choosing the best video editing software download, you should identify what type of user are you'. Millions of people all over the world use video editing software and their requirement vary from each other, so the best video editing software may not be the best choice for all type of users. For example; professional level user who needs perfection, precision, tons of option to meet new challenges require professional level software as well. On the other hand, users who don't prefer complexity and require a handy software that could meet all the basic need for video editing doesn't need such complex or pro level video edition tool but simple and easy to use software. So think about your true need before choosing the best video editing software download.

Free and most simple

Windows and Mac OS system have two built-in video editing tools Windows Movie Maker and iMovie respectively. You are a beginner in video editing or it's your first time of using video editing tool you should choose these two as the best video editing software download. There no tutorial or training required for learning these software. Besides you do not have the pay cash for them since they are free. However, having the simple structure, both have a few options for video editing and makes is incompatible for professional users.

Avid Media Composer

Among various media editing tools, Avid Media Composer is the most stable and most used pro level video editing software and plays a big role in video editing industry and can be considered as the best video editing software download. In case of movie production; user have to deal with huge projects and have to handle tons of files, Avid Media Composer is the best video editing software download for this section. This software loaded with many flexible features, such a feature is - customizable interface that allows the flexibility to customize the software according to user's ease. The only disadvantage for this software is its tremendous price ($3100) compared to other video editing tools of same level. The software is available for Windows and Mac but the system requirement is high as well and you want good performance and speed; you have to own at least 4GB of RAM and quad core processor.

Final Cut Studio

This a one of the most popular video editing software in Hollywood film industry since it is used for many popular movies like Happy Feet', Cold Mountain' or 300'. In movie production industry it is a rival for Avid Media Composer. The price is quite low in comparison with Avid Media Composer. Hardware requirement is low as well since the minimum requirement is 1GB RAM where Avid Media Composer needs at least 2GB. There are many magnificent features that make it quite handy to deals with motion graphics or 2D animations. Final Cut Studio also has good integration with other FCP's software such as; Soundtrack Pro, Color, Motion etc. The only disadvantage of this video editing tool is; it is compatible only with Mac, not with Windows. So, if you are a Mac user, your selection for the best video editing software download should be Final Cut Studio.

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