Dancehall Sound Systems Bios Part 2

DJ14K's Tapes R Us continues to bring you, the sound system fan, info on some foundation sounds from way back. Some of the happening sounds may still be performing today, but we should never forget them as they are responsible for growing the Reggae vibe world wide.

Here listed are sound systems starting with the letter B. See if you remember some of these sound systems.

Baron Turbo Charged was a sound hailing from the city of Hulme England. The sound started with dances around 1974 with Barzy and Wizzy Dan. They did some small dances through out there career but remained a fixture at the Moss Side Youth club inna UK. They seemed to faze out in the early 90's though.
Black Harmony sound system was a roots sound that played out dances in the 1970's. Its main DJ was Jah Stitch who can be found on many 7" singles from the same time period. This particular sound is NOT to be confused of the one outta the UK from the 1980's.

Black Scorpio is the child of the owner and record label of the same name Jack Scorpio. It started in Kingston and continues to show and prove from time to time in the Dancehall areans. Some of the DJ's who would perform on Black Scorpio are Yellowman, Sassafrass, Barrington Levy, General Trees, Bounty Killer, Johnny Osbourne, and many more.

Black Star formed inna Kingston 6 and ran for about 10 years starting in 1979. Owner, Smokey Don would feature regular DJ's on the set like Brigadier Jerry & Tiger.

So much can be said for Dancehall sound systems and what they advance to the Reggae music world. With out them so many of us would not know some of the artist noticed. They make it possible for us to hear the latest music and find out what's going on in a different part of the world.

It is our obedience to make sure we still support any sound system that promotes love & unity and spreads the word of Reggae music anywhere!

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