Upgrading to a Hosted call center software

A call center model supported by a hosted call center software greatly reduces the cost and adds flexibility to operations while adding advanced features. The hosted software solution has proven to be beneficial to any kind of call center set up, small or large. Hosting a call center from any part of the world is possible with the Hosted IP dialer technology. Both agents and call center management have to connect to the IP dialer. The only requirement is a high-speed internet connection and good set of headphones. This is quite an effective tool in the call center industry and is highly recommended. A hosted call canter is nothing but virtual call center. Typically, the software comes with a number of features that must be studied carefully in order to recognize the suitability.
Some of the features included in Hosted call center software are:

IVR and predictive dialer, full power,

Advanced IVR blasting, a us er can work from anywhere.

It can handle 1 to 2000 users at the same time.

Guarantees excellent start times. 24/7 support

Large scale PBX and support of blended dialer

Basic requirement is high speed internet and a set of headphones.

Dialer planes to countries like Australia, Philippines, UK, USA

Statistics and in depth reports of live agents

Fully compliant control drops and DNCs

Call backs and call result codes adjustable

Real time chat with agents

Can handle unlimited agents, campaigns and lists and many more supportive

The whole system works through the internet. Hosted call center software applications increase efficiency thus productivity. It makes use of the flexible VoIP platform which helps to reduce the cost of housing. The scaling facility makes it convenient to expand the business without spending too much. The VoIP PBX hosted call center software comes with a number of features making it highly useful in any kind of call center; it comes with voice to e-mail, fax to e-mail, caller ID, video conferencing, call forwarding and more.

The hosted predictive dialer can effectively predict the availability of live contact and when an agent is free to take a call by screening out the busy signals, no answers, answering machines and disconnected numbers -just as one does in a housed or premises call center. Some of its features are data collection, agent scripting, contact management control and reporting on the fly. The call center can be turned into a hub for all inbound and outbound business. It is useful for marketing as it can be loaded with multiple campaigns, dialing lists and agents. Monitoring the call center with full time recording and on the fly configuration becomes easy and maximizes efficiency. Hosted call center software comes with a number of other features which can either be used on the premises model or hosted. The features to look for while i nstalling the software are: a simple interface and the capacity to upgrade, as well as competitive pricing.

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