The Different Call Center Software Products

The official name for the line of business Promero is engaged in is the Application Software Service Provider and Software Reseller industry. In plain language, Promero sells software made by other software manufacturers like Oracle and also Promero-authored software products as well. At present, Promero has six types of call center software as part of its service to the call center industry.

First off in the Promero arsenal of call center software products is the Oracle offering dubbed Contact Center Anywhere which can transform your contact center into a bonafide virtual call center. With this award-winning product, your call center may benefit from its total range of call center applications (inclusive of the Predictive Dialing application, and a host of other features, namely the ACD, the IVR, the Call Center Management Reporting, and the Call Recording and Monitoring features.) This call center solution aims to integrate the Inbound plus the Outbound functions of your call center by relying on the format known as Hosted On Demand, or as the CPE format, or the Hybrid type of customer owned licenses of the Promero software management system.

But what happens if you merge the Contact Center Anywhere call center solution with another software called the ProStar Lead Manager, plus integrate these two into the SugarOpenSource CRM Open-Source architecture? You wind up with a Hosted CRM Software (or Customer Relationship Management program) called ProStar CRM instead. ProStar CRM happens to contain important contact center software features (like the Dynamic Web Form Design aspect, the Real Time Intelligent Lead Distribution aspect, and the Campaign Management feature that can apply either to traditional media and online media.)
Now, Promero has also come up with the ProStar Smart8 which allows your organization to automatically route Inbound 800 calls based on the business requirements of each client. This is possible because the ProStar Smart8 can function as an intelligent call routing dealer locator that does not need any special software or hardware to be functional. In fact, you can use the ProStar Smart8 with every phone system currently being used by your organization. The call center technology of the ProStar Smart8 permits the sharing of browser-based reports by users, simply by accessing the Internet, so that campaigns can be gauged based on real-time results.

If on the other hand your organization requires lead sharing based on Internet access, then you might need the Promero hosted software called the ProStar Lead Manager instead. If your call center business staff and executives are constantly doing lead sharing, then the ProStar Lead Manager is the perfect hosted call center software for your needs.

There are two more call center software applications that are on the Promero list of call center solution products that you may need. These are the ProStar On Demand call center solution, and the ProStar Chat call center solution. The ProStar On Demand allows one hosted platform to contain the three different types of programs contact center operators would need (namely, the Contact Center Software Lead Management Software; the Customer Relationship Management Software; and the Sales Analytic Software.) On the other hand, there is also the totally Web-based ProStar Chat which was designed to boost sales for your call center yet keep operational costs at a minimum.

Whichever of these you opt for, you can be assured that Promero stands by its products so that you (the call center operator) will only get the best software package you really need for your call center.

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