Google April Fools

Google April Fools
April fools day 2011--who s gonna get you, sucka the annual prank fest is once again upon us behold the foolhardy brainstorms from the likes of google. April fools day 2011: top 5 google april fool jokes metro co uk google has once again produced one of the best april fools day pranks of the year with the introduction of the frankly absurd gmail motion the ability to control. Google-topeka trick joins historic april fools hoaxes google s fun april fools day prank for 2011 _____ other channels http://www. Google s 2011 april fools day prank: gmail motion metro co uk google autocompleter google begins its april fools celebration with this job posting for an autocompleter every day people start typing more than a. April fools: google s best jokes - telegraph april fools: google s best jokes google takes april fools very, very seriously.
April fools 2011: the big list techcrunch the internet has made april fools infinitely more amusing -- and if there s one company that loves to get in on the hijinks, it s google google s april fools day. April fools day 2011--who s gonna get you, sucka the digital ah, april fools day -- when google introduces a search tool that reads your mind and video links across the web force people to watch rick astley singing. Google april fools what s the hottest internet trend on this april s fool s day google s prank to rename itself to topeka the friendly joke started a few months ago when. Top 10 april fools day fake news items for 2011 pcworld it s not a joke google japan is postponing april fool s day until next year while recognizing that april 1 is a day many fans of google look forward to, google.
Google s april font gag techland that didn t take long: researchers at the university of southern california have brought google s gmail motion april fools day prank to life. Google april fools of all the april fools stories clogging up the internet today and there are very, very many my favorite is certainly one of google s no, not. Welcome to google tisp spoiler alert: from a 3d monocle, a new google service called gmail motion, to a game called angry nerds, 2011 is shaping up to be another banner year of april fools. Researchers create google s april fools day prank: gmail motion introducing google tisp (beta), our new free in-home wireless broadband service sign up today and we ll send you your tisp self-installation kit, which includes. Google topeka april fools web prank - abc news the first ever google april fool s day gag, wheeled out less than a year after the company was founded - adding a telepathy function to google s search to save you.
Google s april fools gags: a history - business insider search results. Google s 5 funniest april fools jokes pcworld google has had to fire hundreds of employees and shut down several underperforming products this year so will it still invest in elaborate april fools joke. April fools day at google 2011 webpronews if there s anyone who loves april fools day, it s google the company has had a tradition of pulling pranks on their users whether it s the first. Google japan forgoes april fools for 2011 - search engine watch ( sew) it is april fool s day today, as if you need to be reminded but a timely posting by business insider gives you a chance to re-split your sides. April fools gmail motion, hulu goes 90 s and more of 2011 s best april fools day at google 2011 bonus: aol s techcrunch goes after google and demand media.

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