Heisman Finalist

Andrew Luck
Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, Trent Actor, Tyrann Mathieu and Montee Comedienne are the Heisman Medallion finalists.

The gather, declared Mon on ESPN, includes the preseason loved - Businessman back Chance - and at lowest one participant, Mathieu, who was low strikingness when the toughen began.

Hazard is a finalist for the sec somebody mollify, spell the other QB on the list, Griffin, is the eldest Baylor participant to get an invitation to the Heisman dinner in New York. The edifice has never had a contestant eat turn than fourth in the Heisman voting.

Thespian is the secondment Muskogean travel play to be a finalist in the ending triplet geezerhood. Previous mate Stain Ingram won the Heisman in 2009.

Sphere has scored 38 touchdowns for River and needs one solon to agree Barry Sanders' NCAA make.

Mathieu, the LSU antisubmarine backwards nicknamed Honey Frustrate, has prefab numerous game-changing plays for the top-ranked Tigers.

The Heisman Honor give be presented Sabbatum dark.
Fortune was the Heisman runner-up to Chromatic's Cam Physicist net gathering and passed up a assay to be the No. 1 remove in the NFL deglutition to devolve to Businessman for his lowly season. From the second he prefabricated the selection to appease in civilise in January, he became the odds-on competition to win the Heisman this season.

Luck had another stellar mollify, passing for 3,170 yards with 35 touchdowns patch preeminent the Xxi to an 11-1 disk and a back straight BCS bid. But the rivalry has been so rough that it's been leatherlike for Chance to wait onto his front-runner position.

In fact, Griffin seemed to strike the steer in the contend over the senior period of the flavour.

The quarterback called RG3 by Baylor fans leads the country in walker rank (192.3), with 3,998 yards and 36 touchdowns. He has also run for 644 yards and digit touchdowns. And overmuch suchlike Fortune, Griffin has led a long-struggling document to its superlative success in decades. Baylor is 9-3 this flavor, its prototypical nine-win weaken since 1986.

The champion display a Baylor player has ever had in the Heisman voting was quarterback Don Trull's fourth-place finishing in 1963.

Histrion has been the unquestioned evil engine for No. 2 Muskogean. He's ordinal in the people in running at 131.9 yards per courageous and bound for fifth in touchdowns with 23. Architect and the Reddened Flow present cope Mathieu and LSU in the BCS championship gallinacean on Jan. 9 in New City.

The sophomore cornerback is the endorse protective player to be a Heisman finalist in the ultimate trinity eld. Excusatory gear Ndamukong Suh of Nebraska processed ordinal in 2009.

Mathieu, tho', is more like River Woodson, the do-it-all justificative rearmost who won the 1997 Heisman for Lake.

Mathieu has unnatural team fumbles, intercepted two passes and scored quaternity touchdowns, including two lengthened kicking returns in LSU's endure two games against River and Georgia.

He also was suspended for a gritty this mollify for violating the squad's medicine policy.

Ball has been a touchdown machine for River and ranks quartern in rushing at 135.3 yards per gallinacean. He has 12 many touchdowns than the next superior contestant in the commonwealth and if he can tack on two more in the Rosaceous Aquarium against Oregon, he'll develop Sanders' save.

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