R.I.P Of Gil Scott Heron

Gil Scott Heron, one of the best musicians who ever existed, died on Friday (05/27) at the age 62 years. He died of illness after a trip to Europe. And the Friday afternoon (05/27) Gil Scott Heron's death the news became the news who make the fans saddened.
Gil Scott Heron's death news was also confirmed by one of his friend Doris C. Nolan, according to Gil Scott Heron died at noon on Friday (27/05).
"We're all devastated," she said.
Gil Scott Heron is a poet, musician and author. He was born at 04/01/1949 in Chicago, with the name Gilbert Scott-Heron. Such a influence at rap music, Gil Scott Heron to nicknamed as the Godfather of Rap. But she always reject nickname.
Almost all his work always contain a satire on social issues and politics. And the beginning in his career are marked by recording his first albums, track "The Revolution Will Not Be televised" in 1970, became track who make it famous. On the album Gil Scott Heron collaborated with Brian Jackson. The legend past out album "I'm New Here" at 2010.
Another Work is a novel entitled "The Vulture", and be make great the novel during he was 19 years old. The work of other novels is a "The nigger Factory".
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The Botle
Must Be Something

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